Check your lottery tickets now – Ticket worth $1 million set to expire in April

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Don’t let this opportunity to be a millionaire pass you by

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of money goes unclaimed in state lotteries each year. The Texas State Lottery is no exception and if a lottery player doesn’t act quickly, they could be out a prize worth a phenomenal $1 million.

The Texas Lottery just announced that an unclaimed $1 million Powerball lottery ticket is set to expire on April 20, 2023. The ticket was for the drawing held on October 22, 2022.

The winning ticket matched five out of the five white ball numbers, but did not match the red Powerball number. Still, that was good enough for a second-tier win of $1 million.

The player selected their numbers using the quick pick option. They did not opt for the Powerplay option for an extra $1.

The Powerplay for the drawing was two, so had the ticket holder selected the Powerplay, it would have doubled the prize money to $2 million.

Grab your tickets: Here are the winning numbers for the Powerball drawing

You can check the winning numbers directly on the Texas Lottery Powerball page. Or watch the video below of the October 22, 2022 drawing.

The location of the retailer that sold the winning ticket

Do you buy your lottery tickets at a Tiger Mart convenience store? That’s where the winning ticket was purchased. The below map shows the location.

What happens if you don’t claim your prize in time?

Well, unfortunately there are no “do overs” or second chances. Per the Texas Lottery, tickets expire the 180th day after the date of the drawing. At that point, the ticket holder loses any claim to a prize from a draw game.

The exception to this rule is for select eligible military personnel. Their deadline may be extended. Money from prizes that are not claimed in time will go back to the state to fund programs as mandated by the Texas Legislature.

Bottom line: Get your money while you still can. The deadline to claim the $1 million Powerball prize is Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 5 pm local time.

For the most recent details on prize deadlines and how to claim a prize, see instructions on the Texas Lottery website.

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OK, so maybe you’ve checked your tickets and you’re not the winner of the $1 million Texas prize. Could be you’re one of my readers from another state or you don’t buy Powerball tickets.

Whatever the case, that doesn’t change the fact that somebody won the prize, and it would be a shame for that much money to go unclaimed. So go ahead and share this article with friends and family.

Who knows, you could jog someone’s memory to dig out that forgotten ticket and check their numbers. Imagine their happiness if they won!

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