Lottery ticket alert: $3 million scratcher sold at this Pennsylvania gas station

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Would you spend $30 for a lottery scratch-off game card? If it was going to bring you $3 million, you probably would. Somebody at a Pennsylvania gas station took that chance recently and came out $3 million ahead.

The Pennsylvania Lottery announced on March 20, 2023 that a $3 million winning ticket for the $3 Million Snow Bank game had been sold.

This is the second big winner this month for this game. I wrote about another $3 million winner recently here on NewsBreak:

Somebody in Pennsylvania just won $3 million thanks to this winning lottery ticket

Are there more big prizes still available for the $3 Million Snow Bank game?

As of this writing, according to the Pennsylvania Lottery, there are two $3 million prizes and seven $300,000 prizes still for sale. Good luck!

Who won the $3 million?

As of this writing, the name of the winner has not been announced.

Where was the $3 million game card sold?

The lucky scratch-off game card was sold at Sheetz, a Pennsylvania gas station. The location is shown in the following map:

Does the merchant get a prize for selling such a valuable lottery game card?

The lottery retailer will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning game.

Is $3 million the biggest prize ever won on a lottery scratcher game?

No. According to Fox 11 News, the largest prize ever won in a lottery scratch-off game was $20 million, which was offered by a new game called "Set for Life Millionaire Edition" in California in February 2022. The prize was paid in $800,000 installments over 25 years. The game had a 1 in 3 million chance of winning the top prize.

Video of a single $3 Million Snow Bank game

This fellow also has a winning game, but not quite $3 million:

How do you feel about playing the lottery?

The Pennsylvania Lottery, like many state lotteries, has a Responsible Gaming section on their website. This section discusses a number of ways to avoid lottery playing becoming a financial problem. These include “self-exclusion,” limiting deposit amounts for online games, and setting time limits for online play. 

If you play the lottery, do any of these kinds of assistance seem valuable or important to you? Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on this aspect of the lottery.

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