Illinois lottery ticket worth $1 million sold at this convenience store

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Illinois lottery players should take a moment to double-check their tickets. That’s because there’s a winning ticket out there worth a hefty $1 million that has yet to be claimed. Keep reading to learn more.

The winning ticket is for a Mega Millions drawing that was held on Friday, January 13. As of this writing, according to the unclaimed jackpot prizes page on the Illinois lottery website, nobody has stepped forward to claim the money.

Where was the winning ticket sold?

The lucky ticket holder purchased their Mega Millions ticket at a 7-Eleven in Illinois. The below map shows the exact location where the ticket was purchased.

What were the winning numbers?

You can check the Mega Millions website for the winning numbers. Or you can watch the January 13 drawing in the below video.

Why was this particular Mega Millions drawing so special?

Actually, special isn’t the right word. Spectacular would be more like it because the jackpot for this drawing was an extraordinary estimated $1.35 billion. The cash value option of the prize was $724.6 million.

The winning $1 million Illinois ticket was one of 14 tickets in various states across the nation that matched the five white ball numbers without matching the gold Mega ball.

Because these tickets did not match the gold Mega ball, they did not earn their holders a share of the billion-dollar jackpot. Instead, all of these tickets were second-place winners worth $1 million each. Most people would agree that in this case second place is still a wonderful prize!

Have you ever won a large prize playing the lottery?

While I’ve never won a big prize myself, I do enjoy reading stories from happy winners. So, please feel free to share your story in the comments section!

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