Check your Powerball tickets – $1 million prize still not claimed

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You’ll be doing a happy dance if you’re the holder of a winning Powerball ticket for the February 1 drawing. Powerball lottery officials just announced a winning ticket worth $1 million was purchased by someone in Florida.

The drawing produced two winning tickets worth $1 million. One of these winning tickets was purchased in Florida. The ticket matched all five white balls, but did not match the red Powerball number.

Meanwhile, another ticket sold in New York not only matched the five white balls but also included the $1 Power Play option. This meant the winner’s prize was doubled to $2 million.

Where was the winning Florida ticket purchased?

As of this writing, the Florida State Lottery has not announced where the winner purchased their ticket. If interested, you can check the Florida state lottery website or their press release section for updates on lottery winners, games, and special promotions.

What were the winning Powerball numbers for this drawing?

The Powerball officials livestream and record each drawing every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. You can find out what the winning numbers were for the February 1, 2023 drawing by watching the video below. You should also always double check your numbers with the Powerball lottery site.

Is there a deadline for claiming your prize money?

Yes, you will need to claim your prize money before your ticket expires. States that allow lottery games have specific rules governing ticket expiration deadlines. If you have a winning ticket, you’ll need to consult the deadline rules for your state and the game that you played.

Florida lists their ticket expiration rules and deadlines on the state lottery website as follows:

"Florida Lottery Draw game prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable draw date. Draw game prizes for which a single-payment cash option is available must be claimed within the first 60 days after the applicable draw date to elect the cash option. Florida Lottery Scratch-Off and Fast Play game prizes must be claimed within 60 days of the official end-of-game date. Once the applicable time period has elapsed, the related Florida Lottery ticket will expire."

Have there been many Powerball jackpot winners in Florida?

Florida has had its share of Powerball winners. The state lottery reports some huge windfall amounts. Some of these winners are listed in the state report by their colorful trust or limited liability company (LLC) names.

For example, the “Love You More Trust” claimed a $286 million Powerball jackpot for the June 5, 2021 drawing.

Another winner decided to claim their winnings using an LLC name that presumably describes what they will be doing with their newfound money. The “Vacation Life LLC” claimed a whopping $394 million in the January 29, 2020 Powerball drawing.

What’s the most money you’ve ever won in the lottery?

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