Maine Mega Millions pays $1.35 billion (with a “B”) on Friday the 13th

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Here’s to rethinking superstition: Somebody in Maine won almost THIRTEEN hundred and fifty million dollars, or $1.35 BILLION, on Friday the THIRTEENTH. If that is bad luck, somebody give me some!

The January 13, 2023 Mega Millions drawing yielded exactly one winning ticket, with all five white ball numbers along with the gold “Mega Ball” number chosen correctly. Since this drawing was the 26th in the current “run,” the jackpot had grown to an astounding $1.348 billion, with a cash payout value of $723.5 million.

Who won all that cash?

As of this writing, no one has come forward to claim the jackpot. This is not unusual, as large jackpot winners will frequently delay claiming their earnings while they make arrangements for dealing with a life-changing windfall. I discussed some of these issues in my recent Newsbreak article about a jackpot winner in another state:

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Where was the winning ticket sold?

The lucky ticket was sold at a Maine lottery retailer, Hometown Gas and Grill. The location is shown on the map below.

Were there other nice-sized prizes from this drawing?

There were fourteen (14) second-tier tickets sold that matched all five white balls, but not the gold “Mega Ball,” paying $1 million each. In all, there were slightly more than 7,000,000 prizes awarded.

Has anyone won a Mega Millions jackpot on Friday the 13th before?

I was surprised to learn that yes, in fact this drawing was the seventh jackpot on Friday the 13th since 2002, when the game began. The recent January 13 drawing was the first Friday the 13th jackpot since October 2017.

Here is a short video by station WJZ-13 with an update about the lucky Mega Millions drawing.

Do you have any lottery superstitions?

If so, and if you feel like sharing them, go ahead and leave a comment. Maybe you will bring good luck to some other reader!

In addition to the article mentioned above, I have written about other state lotteries recently here on NewsBreak:

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