Oregon lottery ticket worth $1 million still not claimed

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If you purchase Oregon lottery tickets, you might want to double check your numbers. That’s because the winner of a hefty $1 million prize from a Powerball drawing has yet to claim their money.

According to the Oregon state lottery, the Powerball drawing held on November 2, 2022 produced one winning ticket in the state with five matching numbers. The $1 million winning ticket was purchased in Portland on November 2.

Additionally, there were two tickets worth $50,000 each sold for the same drawing. To find out if your ticket is a winner and to learn how to claim a prize, go to the Oregon state lottery website.

Over $5 million in unclaimed Oregon lottery prizes

The Oregon Powerball lottery winner has a year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize money. Should the owner of the $1 million ticket fail to claim their winnings before the year is up, the money will revert to the state.

It’s important to note that the time limitation varies by state and the specific game. Some states impose shorter ticket expiration policies. You’ll want to understand your state’s rules along with the rules of the game you’re playing to determine the expiration date for your tickets.

After the expiration date, the state can then allocate the money to voter-approved beneficiaries. For example, in Oregon, the money might go toward education, economic development, veterans’ services, or state parks.

Surprisingly, it’s not that uncommon for lottery players to fail to claim their prizes in time. People often misplace their tickets, lose them, or forget to check their numbers altogether.

Lottery officials throughout the country say millions of dollars in prize money routinely goes unclaimed. Approximately $5.6 million in lottery winnings are currently unclaimed in Oregon.

History of the Oregon lottery

When the Oregon lottery was established in 1984, the state’s economy was stagnant. This video highlights how the state initially used the lottery money to stimulate business, create jobs, and promote economic growth:

All kinds of lottery winners

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