California residents receive up to $21,600 in 7 guaranteed income programs

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California, a big state known for doing things in a big way, is planning to award just over $25 million for seven guaranteed income pilot programs. Once implemented, these programs will provide no-strings financial support for 1,975 individuals. According to a recent announcement by the California Department of Social Services,

“The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) is pleased to announce the proposed recipients of the California Guaranteed Income (GI) Pilot Program for State Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-23 through FY 2025-26, following a competitive Request for Application process. This Notice of Intent to Award should not be considered a binding commitment by CDSS to make grant awards. Grant awards become final upon execution of a grant agreement between the grantee and CDSS.”

Who will qualify for these programs?

Seven California organizations have been selected to administer guaranteed income pilot programs, based on priorities determined by the California Department of Social Services:

“The department will prioritize funding for pilot programs and projects that serve California residents who age out of the extended foster care program at or after 21 years of age or who are pregnant individuals.”

Assuming the grant awards do in fact become final, as indicated above, the selected organizations will determine the guaranteed income recipients.

How much will recipients receive?

How much individuals receive will vary depending on the organization providing the payments. 

For example, the San Francisco Human Services Agency will give $1,200 a month for 18 months (for a total of $21,600) to 150 former foster youth. 

The pilot program of the Inland Southern California United Way will give $600 per month for 18 months to 150 former foster youth and 150 pregnant women.

The following organizations are also anticipated to receive grant awards for a guaranteed income pilot program:

The San Francisco Human Services Agency website has more details on the pilot guaranteed income programs expected to be funded.

How can I apply for one of these programs?

As soon as the California Department of Social Services finalizes the grants funding these programs, the individual agencies administering the programs will begin the application process. I will be writing follow-up articles as these details become available, so you can follow me for information here on NewsBreak.

You can also check on the website(s) listed above for the status of guaranteed income programs you are interested in. In addition, this California Department of Social Services webpage will have updates regarding the pilot programs discussed here.

Are guaranteed income programs a good idea?

Programs such as the pilot programs in this article are clearly becoming more popular. Here are some other guaranteed income programs I have reported on:

Two new San Diego guaranteed income programs give up to $1,000 a month to low-income families

Sonoma County guaranteed income program is giving $12,000 to select families

Long Beach guaranteed income program gives $6,000 to families

From the comments on these and similar articles, evidently some people have reservations about this kind of program. One obvious drawback is the fact that, while the lucky few who receive the funds are helped, they are inevitably outnumbered by those who are not accepted into the programs.

According to a recent Sacramento Bee article, Michael Tubbs, former mayor of Stockton and an economic advisor to California Governor Newsom, turned this objection into a call for, presumably, guaranteed income for all:

“We all need to really use our collective voices and push so that we’re not using a lottery for people to have what they need to survive,” Tubbs said. “It shouldn’t be a stroke of luck — it needs to be an act of policy.”

Left unexplained was any indication of the source of the phenomenal amount of funding such a program would require.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments what you think about guaranteed income programs. If you enjoyed the article, please like and share it. Follow me for more articles like this one, or to receive updates on the new guaranteed income pilot programs as more information becomes available. Thanks!

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