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Deadline nears for Brooklyn rents of $473, $563, even $0 per month

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Don’t put it off if you plan to enter the NYC Housing Connect East New York Cluster Apartments housing lottery. The rapidly approaching deadline is November 25, 2022. Winning this lottery could make it a great holiday season as there are some terrific bargains on affordable rent. 

Of the 36 units available, five will rent for $0 monthly to those meeting income and household size requirements. An additional eight units will rent for under $1,000 a month as well. 

These newly constructed affordable apartments are in three buildings in Brooklyn’s Cypress Hills neighborhood. See below for details on applying for this lottery.

Availability, eligibility, and rents

Eligible incomes are based on Area Median Income, or AMI. For this lottery, AMI of 30% through 70% will qualify. However, the annual total household income range for the lottery is $0 through $100,870. Contact the NYC Housing Connect for more information.

One-bedroom apartments. A total of 21 one-bedroom units is available. Two of these will rent for $0 monthly for those with qualifying income and household size. Monthly rents for the remaining 19 one-bedroom units will vary from $473 to $1,328. Households of one to three people are eligible for this configuration.  

Two-bedroom apartments. There are 15 two-bedroom apartments available. Three of these will rent for $0 monthly to those with qualifying incomes and household sizes. The remaining 12 have monthly rent varying from $563 to $1,589. These are for households of two to five individuals.  


Responsibility for utility bills varies depending on which of the three buildings becomes your home if luck is with you and you win this lottery. You will pay for electric heat and air conditioning regardless of the building. The landlord pays the gas bill for hot water for all three buildings. 

Gas for cooking is where the building matters: in two of the three buildings, this is also covered by the landlord. In the third building, gas cooking is the tenant’s responsibility.


All three buildings are smoke-free and pet-friendly. They have an impressive list of amenities, including:

  • Bike storage lockers
  • Shared laundry room
  • Security cameras
  • Air-conditioning
  • Smart controls for heating/cooling
  • On-site resident manager

How to apply

You can apply online at the NYC Housing Connect website. If you prefer, you can request a printed application, but with the deadline just days away – November 25, 2022 – applying online if possible is your best bet. If you’ve entered these before you already know that entering more than once for the same lottery is a big no-no. But you can enter as many lotteries as you like.

Brooklyn’s Highland Park is about a mile away

Some of the walkways look like they could use a little TLC. Regardless, this looks like one of those marvelous parks right in the middle of a big city.

Wrapping up

Good luck with this lottery if you decide to enter. If you enjoyed this article, please like it – it does help. Follow me for more like this. And if you have friends who might want to enter this lottery, be sure to share the article right away since the lottery ends soon. Thanks for your support!

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