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Deadline nears for Brooklyn affordable apartments starting at $397 a month

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You have less than two weeks left to apply for this housing lottery with some super affordable rents for those who qualify. The deadline is November 14, 2022 for the Linden Terrace II lottery

Only a few apartments are available at the jaw-dropping $397 per month rate. Of the 129 units in this lottery, 32 will rent for under $1,000 a month for those who meet household income and size requirements. Given today’s average monthly rent in Brooklyn of $3,800 for a one-bedroom unit, this is still an amazing figure.

Availability and rents

Here is the breakdown for this smoke-free, 160-unit building at 573 Emerald St. in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Note that of the total of 160 units, 129 are available to the public in this lottery.

Studio apartments. There are eight of these, with monthly rents ranging from $397 to $738, depending on household income. Households of one or two people qualify for the studios.

One-bedroom apartments. A total of 69 one-bedroom units will be available for households of one to three people. Rents will vary from $503 to $1,356 per month depending on total household income.

Two-bedroom apartments. This lottery includes 39 two-bedroom units with monthly rents from $598 to $1,622. These are for households consisting of two to five individuals.

Three-bedroom apartments. There are 13 of these for households of three to seven people. Rents will vary from $683 to $1,865 per month, depending on total household income.


There is quite a list of amenities for this newly constructed building, including recreation room, children’s playroom, covered parking, and shared laundry (additional charges apply for laundry). For a complete list see the NYC Housing Connect website.

Other solutions to impossibly expensive housing

Some of the offerings in these housing lotteries are quite attractive, such as the $397 per month studio apartments available to a few lucky winners of this lottery. But let’s face it, there will always be plenty who don’t win a lottery. What do they do? 

Here are a couple of quick examples of other solutions some have found. Obviously, these won’t work for everybody, but they might get some creative juices flowing.

Life in 95 square feet

This fellow has found a place in the East Village section of Manhattan for $1,100 a month, utilities included. The catch? The whole apartment is smaller than many bedrooms, and he has to share a bathroom. He is making it work, however.

Get paid to move

Life in the big cities has become just too much for more and more people in recent years. Some of the less crowded parts of the country are offering incentives, including cash, to encourage people to move to their states.

Many of these have requirements, such as the ability to work remotely. Here is a short video describing similar programs in Vermont, Indiana, and Ohio. (Note: the video mentions Newton, Ohio but it should be Newton, Iowa.)

How to apply for this affordable housing lottery

Be sure to apply by the deadline, November 14, 2022. For more details or to apply online, go to the NYC Housing Connect website.

Do you have a “Plan B”?

I hope you have great luck with this housing lottery, or one of the other ones if you try one or more of them. But we all know that luck can be fickle. Do you have an alternative in case “Lady Luck” doesn’t work out? Let me know in the comments. 

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