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Low rent – maybe NO rent – if you win this Brooklyn affordable housing lottery

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You might not have to pay rent at all if you qualify for and win this Brooklyn housing lottery.

In this NYC Housing Connect lottery, East New York Cluster Apartments is offering 36 affordable apartments in three buildings in Brooklyn. Of the 36 newly constructed units available, just five are being offered with $0 monthly rent to those with qualifying household income and size. 

This lottery’s annual household income eligibility of $0 to $100,870 is significantly broader than that of many housing lotteries. Deadline for this lottery is November 25, 2022

Here is the breakdown:

There are 21 one-bedroom apartments available. Two of these have zero monthly rent for those with qualifying household incomes. Monthly rent for the remaining 19 one-bedroom apartments will vary from $473 to $1,328, again depending on household income and size.

There are also 15 two-bedroom apartments available. Just three of these offer zero monthly rent for those qualifying. Rents for the remaining 12 two-bedroom apartments vary from $563 to $1,589 per month.

Utilities included vary depending on the building

Your responsibility for utilities will be different depending on which of the buildings you occupy. In two of the three buildings, the landlord pays for gas for hot water and cooking while the tenant is responsible for electric heat and air conditioning. In the third building, the landlord provides gas for hot water while the tenant pays for electric cooking, air conditioning, and heating.

Buildings are pet-friendly, smoke-free, and include the following:

  • Shared laundry room
  • Air conditioning
  • Smart controls for heating/cooling
  • Bike storage lockers
  • On-site resident manager
  • Security cameras
  • Green space

Here is a Walking tour of Brooklyn’s Cypress Hills Neighborhood

How to apply

You can apply online or by mail, just don’t do both for the same lottery – submitting more than one entry per lottery may get you disqualified. You can, however, enter as many different lotteries as you like.

Be sure to apply by November 25, 2022. For details or to apply online, go to the NYC Housing Connect website.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

Do you plan to enter this lottery? Somebody is going to wind up with a good deal on rent, maybe even no rent! In a popular lottery this is, unfortunately, a “long shot” but it is an attempt to make affordable housing available for some.

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