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Oakland rent for a two-bedroom apartment climbs to $2,860 a month, up 10 percent in just one year

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Renters aren’t catching any breaks in the Oakland rental market these days. According to a recent nationwide rental report, Oakland renters now pay a median of $2,200 a month to rent a one-bedroom apartment. Median rent on a two-bedroom apartment is now $2,860 a month, up 10 percent from a year ago.

Some people in Oakland are downsizing to studios (if they can find them) to save money on rent. The median rent for a studio in the area is $1,700 a month.

Still, some families can’t downsize and need larger units to accommodate all their household members. This means they’ll need to stretch their budgets or increase their incomes to afford the larger homes.

That’s because the median rent on a three-bedroom is now a whopping $3,200 a month. The median rent on a four-bedroom home (again, if you can find them) will set you back approximately $4,000 a month.

How do Oakland rents compare to other cities?

Oakland ranks number nine on a nationwide list of large metro areas with high rents. As staggeringly high as Oakland rent may seem, there are several other large cities with rents that defy comprehension.

For example, the top city on the list of high rents is New York. While this is not surprising (everyone knows you’ll pay a high price to live in the Big Apple), it still comes as a bit of a shock to realize that the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in New York City is $4,150 a month, up year-over-year an astonishing 44.6 percent.

Now that people are moving back to the city after leaving during the pandemic, demand has skyrocketed for apartments. This has led to a surge in what property owners are requiring for rent.

If you’re living in Oakland and want to move to a less expensive part of California, you do have some options. Here we list other California cities where you’ll find cheaper rent. (Please note that “cheap” is a relative term. People in other parts of the country would still find these California rents outrageously expensive.)

  • Anaheim, median one-bedroom apartment rent: $1,900 a month
  • Long Beach, median one-bedroom apartment rent: $1,800 a month
  • Sacramento, median one-bedroom apartment rent: $1,600 a month
  • Fresno, median one-bedroom apartment rent: $1,500 a month
  • Bakersfield, median one-bedroom apartment rent: $1,080 a month

What do you think about the high rents in Oakland?

Are you considering moving to a cheaper part of the country? If so, where would be a good option? Let us know in the comments section. And if you enjoy this content, please follow, and share with others. Thanks so much for reading!

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