Battle of the Breakfast: Florida's Cuban Breakfast Ranked America’s 35th favorite breakfast food, reveals poll

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The Cuban breakfast table.De Su Mama

Have you ever wondered what America's favorite breakfast is? Well, the team at did — and the official results are in.

It can be said one of the best things we’ve developed as a foodie nation is the American breakfast, with a plethora of regional-beloved dishes that cover the savory and sweet spectrum. Today, the sheer range of options includes signature breakfast options specific to each state, each one showing our melting pot of cultures, customs, and cuisine nationwide.

To that end, breakfast-lovers will spend hours scrolling through social media posts of perfectly presented breakfast dishes, from pancake stacks glistening with maple syrup drizzle, and cinnamon rolls with sticky icing to traditional sausage, gravy and grits, oatmeal with aesthetically arranged toppings — and of course — the trendy avocado toast.

So, just what is America's favorite breakfast? In an effort to discern the nation's most popular dish, — the only online food and beverage directory and review site — conducted a poll of 3,479 Americans to determine the country’s favorite signature breakfast dishes.

"From the diversity of dishes ranked, it’s clear that Americans enjoy a wide range of flavors from sweet, savory, and spicy — even seafood — for breakfast," says Alison Chew, founder of "If you’re tired of eating cereal and are lacking inspiration for your morning breakfast routine, it could be fun exploring new recipes you haven’t tried before and learning about the origins of each dish."

How did Florida fare? has created an interactive map showing each state’s signature breakfast, and how they ranked in the national poll.

Ranking 35th, Florida's Cuban breakfast was targeted as the ultimate way to start your day in the nation's Sunshine State. The Cuban-inspired Floridian breakfast boasts a simple ensemble of toast and fruits served with coffee. While this dish can be served using any type of fruits, bread and coffee, you can bring it up a notch with a café con leche, a tostada and citrus fruit.
The Texas breakfast taco ranked #1 in the poll.Salt & Wind

Topping the charts as America's #1 signature breakfast: the Texas breakfast taco.

This iconic Tex-Mex inspired delicacy often comes wrapped in a shiny layer of aluminum foil, beneath which lies a small corn or flour tortilla folded around a filling of your choice, like eggs, bacon, sausage, refried beans, cheese and topped with salsa. The only contentious part of this Lone Star all-in-one culinary delight is its name. A somewhat taboo topic, people in South Texas usually call it the breakfast taco, while others in the Panhandle of Texas, as well as California, refer to it as a breakfast burrito. In fact, in 2016, an article by a New York-based writer sparked an intra-state battle between San Antonians and Austinites, after it claimed Austin had coined the phrase ‘breakfast taco’!

Ranking behind in second place was Maine’s signature blueberry pancakes. If you’re a sweet loving breakfast person, like many Americans, the smell of golden, fluffy pancakes dotted with tangy blueberries and drenched in syrup may sound like the ultimate way to start your day, which might explain why this classic sweet treat is near the very top of the list. (Celebrate this breakfast dish on January 28, the nation's official National Blueberry Pancake Day).

In third place emerged Arizona’s breakfast burrito. Similar in nature to the breakfast taco, the breakfast burrito consists of a filling of your choosing, such as some eggs, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, cheese, jalapenos and salsa, encased in a large flour or corn tortilla.

In last place was South Dakota's sorghum pie, an old-fashioned recipe made with a filling of sweet, umami-rich sorghum syrup (also sometimes called sorghum molasses), eggs, buttermilk, vanilla, and cinnamon encased in a pie crust and baked until golden brown. Perhaps the thick, flavorful amber-colored syrup isn't an ingredient many have on hand in the pantry.

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