Miami daily roundup: Gubernatorial candidate would legalize marijuana, a human smuggler, and Florida's food shortage

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(MIAMI, Fla.) In South Florida news today, a gubernatorial candidate is running on a platform that would legalize marijuana in Florida, a reward is out for a Pakistani man who smuggled people into the country illegally, will Florida have a food shortage, a TikTok sensation is coming to Miami by way of dessert shop, and DeSantis refuses Biden's handouts.

The following list contains the area's breaking news for Friday, October 15. Read on today's top stories:

Charlie Crist plans to legalize marijuana if elected Florida governor
Orlando Sentinel

Congressman Charlie Crist was in Pensacola Thursday night outlining his plans if he gets elected to Florida's highest office.

Crist also announced Friday that he wants to legalize marijuana. He said, "It's the right thing to do. Legalize marijuana fully, tax it and use that revenue to help our police officers and help our hardworking school teachers."

Crist also wants to ban assault rifles, restore voting rights to felons, review sentencing guidelines of mandatory minimums, and expunge existing charges and sentences for misdemeanors and third degree felonies for marijuana possession.

$1 million reward for arrest of fugitive a Miami agent calls ‘prolific human smuggler’
HSI Handout

A Pakistani man is on the run for human smuggling.

Abid Ali Khan, 40, is charged with leading a Pakistani-based operation that since 2015 has profited from trafficking hundreds of Pakistanis, Afghans and other foreigners without legal papers into the United States, including Florida. Khan is accused of conspiring with others in his network to plan and coordinate the international travel for the undocumented foreigners, including providing them with false paperwork to travel through multiple countries.

This TikTok famous cookie shop is coming to Miami
Crumbl Cookies

During the pandemic, this dessert shop quickly became the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the United States, according to Nation’s Restaurant News Top 500 report.

Now, Crumbl Cookies — founded by two cousins in Utah in 2017 — is coming to Miami-Dade County. Each week, the menu rotates with four different specialty flavors to dance about on the social media app. Besides having almost 2 million followers on TikTok, Crumbl also posts fun videos of cookie hauls, hacks for how to eat them and reposts fans’ content.

Florida Gov. DeSantisended Biden’s COVID handouts, “Kicked The Economy Into Overdrive”
Fox News

Last Thursday, the Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability released a report that credited Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis for the state’s economic rebound.

DeSantis, it said succinctly, has “kicked Florida’s economy into overdrive.”

“Florida has had a strong economy for years largely thanks to its work-first policies, low taxes, limited regulations, and support for entrepreneurs. As a result, it was better positioned to weather the COVID-19 economic crisis, and the wise actions of the DeSantis administration during the pandemic have kept the state on a positive path and maintained its competitive edge,” wrote FGA analysts Hayden Dublois and Jonathan Ingram.

When will Florida face extended food and goods shortages?

The Sunshine State is currently dealing with supply shortages greater than those at the beginning of the pandemic.

But why the scarcity of food, products, and supplies? Covid-19 and new jobs have hindered the supply chain, meaning fewer dockworkers, truck drivers, supermarket staff, and goods to go around.

17 employees have died from Covid in a Florida school district since August
Getty Images

Seventeen employees in a Florida school district have died from Covid-19 since the beginning of the school year in August, officials said Wednesday. Of the staff who died at the Polk County Public Schools, 12 of the 17 had returned to their jobs when the school year began on Aug. 10, said Kyle Kennedy, a district spokesman. The remaining five employees never reported to their jobs this school year.

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