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Family is Being Forced Out of Their Warren Home

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Moving can be difficult all on its own, a lot goes into it. You have to think about packing, getting a moving truck, finding a new home, and if you have kids you have to think about school districts.

What makes it twenty times harder is when you are being forced to move, which can sometimes be out of your control.

A Warren resident by the name of Lasondra Singleton is being forced to move out of the home that she has lived in for over thirteen years.

She is being forced to move because the landlord wants to sell the home which makes sense. Lasondra Singleton has decided that she would like to buy the house because her kids have grown up there and it is all they have ever known.

The landlord agreed to sell the house to her as long as she came up with the down payment money which came to a total of $15,000.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Family scrambles for down payment money as landlord readies to sell their home" by Randy Wimbley elaborated on how Lasondra is coming up with the down payment.

Randy stated "Home is where the heart is, and for Lasondra Singleton, it's also where good neighbors are nearby. They are trying to help the Singletons stay in the house they've called home for 13 years.

Neighbors Lindsey and Jonathan Parton helped set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the Singletons.

Another neighbor, Domonique Guin Teague, who owns a juicing business, set up a lemonade stand and donated the proceeds to help out with the downpayment as well."

It is beautiful that Lasondra has such a great support system around her to help her raise this money to keep her home. They have currently raised over $5,000; let's keep our fingers crossed for Lasondra!

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