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Novi Best Buy Has Line Wrapped Around The Building For Computer Chip

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The only time I see lines wrapped around a building is when new gym shoes arrive, during the Christmas holiday or Black Friday.

The reason for a crowded store seems to be a little different this time around. In Novi, Michigan people camped outside a Best Buy for a $1200 dollar computer chip.

This computer chip is not just any computer chip it is a graphics card used for gaming. This tiny chip called an RTX 3080 Ti graphic card and it is only being sold at two Michigan locations one being Novi and the other being Kalamazoo.
(Photo By Fox 2 News)

An article from Fox 2 News called "Novi Best Buy carrying $1,200 computer chip prompts people to camp out all night" by Josh Landon and Jack Nissen elaborated on the importance of this computer chip and why people are raving about it.

Josh Landon and Jack Nissen stated "According to reviews of a previous edition of the same chip, the 3080 card delivered the kind of speed and quality of gaming for a "relatively" cheap price of $699. 

But a global shortage demand that's impacted everything from cars to video game consoles has also made getting one's hands on the piece of tech an expensive accomplishment. Prior to the pandemic, one chip cost $699. Street prices went as high as $2,000 for months last year."

In the nutshell, this computer chip creates a better gaming experience as far as quality, and to keep people from buying multiple cards the stores have decided to hand out vouchers to each customer.

Would you spend $1,200 for a better gaming experience?

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