Michigan Considers Doing a Vaccine Sweepstakes

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One of Michigan's goals is to get the majority of the state vaccinated so things can go back to normal. Michigan has already made it easier for people to get the vaccine but, the vaccine still has some people questioning whether it is worth it or not.

Michigan is going as far as to consider doing a vaccine sweepstake where people who take the vaccine are entered into the sweepstakes and they either win a certain amount of money. Just recently they started doing this in Ohio.

Money is a motivator for a lot of people, In Ohio, a woman won a million dollars for taking the vaccine. In an article from Fox 2 News called "Would vaccine lottery gimmick work in Michigan? Ohio reports vaccine surge" by Veronica Meadows and Fox 2 Staff who were able to speak with the winner.

Abbigail Bugenske stated "I was completely surprised when I got the call and I still can’t believe it," she said. "I was screaming enough that my parents thought that I was crying.  When I started yelling I won a million dollars and I was going to be a millionaire, they told me to calm down - and make sure it wasn’t a prank before I really started freaking out."

Creating a vaccine sweepstakes has increased the number of people getting vaccinated, this idea has created a positive outcome. The only downfall is not everyone wins the money some people are only receiving the vaccine.

Do you think Michigan creating an incentive to get the vaccine is a good idea?

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