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Atlanta Toddler Saved From Drowning

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When we are babies swimming is natural to us because we were in our mother's womb. As we get older we either continue to use our swimming skills or we lose them.

Learning how to swim has become one of the most important things to learn as you get older because you never know if you need to save someone or if someone needs to save you while swimming.

Swimming is also being offered in high schools as a required class for students to graduate, even if you are learning the basics it is still an important skill to have.

In Atlanta, Georgia a toddler was saved by a teen Fox 5 News was able to capture the story in an article called "Teen saves toddler from drowning at pool party" by Fox 5 Atlanta Digital Team stated

" The 13-year-old saved a 2-year-old boy, whose body was spotted by the child's mother at the bottom of a pool. 

Brown said he swam to the bottom of the pool and pulled the boy up to the surface. People performed CPR and revived the boy. 

The toddler survived the ordeal. Brown said he's thankful for his swimming skills."

If Randy Brown was not there the toddler may have not survived, this has become one of the top reasons why swimming can be beneficial.

Even if one family member knows how to swim they can pass that along to people in the family. It is a blessing that the toddler is safe.

How would you have handled this situation?

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