9-Year-Old Returns $9,000 to Family

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Having money in times like these is always a blessing but when someone loses money it can be devastating based on what they needed the money for.

Once the money is lost a lot of things can go through that individual's head but, at the end of the thought process, the person may accept it as a loss.

That's exactly what this family did when they traveled to Florida for a trip, they brought money with them and forgot where they put it.

In an article from Fox 13 News called "9-year-old finds $5,000 under the floor mat while cleaning family SUV" by Fox 13 News Staff were able to interview the nine-year-old and ask how he located the money.

Landon Melvin stated "he told his dad, Michael, about the package. His response was simply, "OK, whatever."

Landon's dad stated

"And I did," Michael recalled, "I was like, ‘Whatever.’ He’s nine. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you found something, OK.’

But then, Landon responded with, "No Dad, I really did."

Since finding the money Landon and his father were able to locate the previous owners of the car and contact them letting them know that they left five thousand dollars in the car.

The family was thankful for returning the money and requested for Landon to keep one thousand dollars.

Landon did an amazing job being noble and taking the time to look for the family so he could return the money.

How would you have handled a situation like this?

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