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Drug Dealer Turned His Life Around, Now Sworn in as Attorney

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When we are younger we make mistakes and we go down a path that of doing things because it's fun or we hit hard times.

Everyone has a story but the what is important is how we turn things around and make a difference in how we continue to live our lives.

Whether that is getting a job, going to school, staring a business or volunteering in the community. It is all about adding positivity in to the world so we can make a difference.

It does not matter if it takes us three months or five years, it's about making the effort to better your future.

That is exactly what Ed Martell did when decided to go to school to become a lawyer. In an article from Fox 2 News called "Former drug dealer now sworn in as attorney before same judge who challenged him to change his life" by Veronica Meadows and David Komer.

Ed Martell was in his early twenties when he started hanging around the wrong crowd and getting into trouble which landing him in court with Judge Bruce Morrow. After meeting each other Ed Martell's life would never be the same.

Judge Bruce Morrow saw the potential in Ed Martell and decided to give him a break by giving him probation and kind words.

Veronica Meadows stated " For Ed Martell the moment he was sworn in as an attorney earlier this month didn't just represent the start of a new career. It marked years of tireless determination - and a journey that started in the very same courtroom.  

Martell then told his story to the character and fitness committee for the State Bar of Michigan. They decided his past didn't have to dictate his future and did not block his attempt to become a lawyer, despite his past brush with the law."

In addition to him becoming a lawyer Ed Martell has decided to start giving back to the community, he was dared to make a difference and that is what he is doing!

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