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Whitmer Gets Backlash For Bar Gathering

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We have gone through these long months with social distancing and wearing masks since the virus came about.

Businesses have also suffered in every industry especially restaurants because of the capacity limit and a lot of restaurants were find due to going over the capacity limit.

The year 2021 has brought many changes and we have had to adjust even when we did not want to.

After dealing with all of the changes, restrictions, and social distancing that Governor Whitmer put in place to keep Michigan safe it looks like Whitmer wanted to enjoy the company of her friends and family.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "After Whitmer bar gathering, critics say all restaurants fined for Covid violations should be reimbursed" by Dave Spencer and David Komer discussed how Governer Whitmer has been receiving a lot of backlash regarding her attending an outing at a restaurant.

In this photo, she is surrounded by more than six people, which is considered a violation that she put in place.

Dave Spencer stated "One group, The Impeach Whitmer Campaign, even filed a police report arguing this picture may be worth more than just a thousand words - specifically a $500 fine for violating the order, which is a restaurant/bar punishment handed out by her own administration.  

After the photo of Whitmer at the Landshark taken on Saturday, two days later Governor Whitmer has lifted the rule banning more than six from sitting together at one table. That will go into effect next month, meaning if this same picture was snapped on June 1st it would not violate any order."

People are now requesting reimbursement on fines that they have received for previous violations since the Governor Whitmer photo has been released.

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