Michigan Family Gets Scammed

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As we get older creating a savings fund or an emergency fund for your family is always important because, it gives you something to fall back on in case you lose your job, get injured, or just feel like doing something different in life.

When you spend your savings it is usually on your terms but, when you are scammed out of your savings that is when things get complicated and dangerous.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Michigan family loses life savings due to elaborate license scam" by Fox 2 News stated

"According to Attorney General Dana Nessel, the Michigan couple was cleaned out by the scammers who knew the woman's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) license number and were able to convince her she was in danger of losing her license.

Nessel's office said the scam took place over the course of several days and involved three different men who posed as a LARA investigator, a chief investigator from LARA, and an FBI agent. According to Nessel, the woman is a physical therapist licensed in the state of Michigan and the three men convinced her that her license was in danger of "immediate temporary suspension".

The three men said she needed to go to the nearest UPS store to receive a notification in writing. The victim said the men provided her a document that appeared to have an official LARA letterhead and included her license number."

The whole story is interesting because, if you are practicing and you know your license is up to date and know you t have not been doing anything illegal why would you believe some random person?

Another thing is if they are posing as "Chief Investigator" wouldn't they have information to show that they are this person?

It's interesting because these men also threatened to take her to jail and advised her not to tell anyone about the investigation.

If you were in her shoes would you see this as a red flag?

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