Pregnant Michigan Residents Start to Second Guess Vaccine

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Michigan Coronavirus cases have been increasing over the past few weeks. The Governor has been encouraging people to either social distance or get the vaccine.

In the most recent days, they have paused the Johnson and Johnson vaccine due to side effects such as blood clots, these updates have made a few Michigan residents reluctant on if the vaccine is necessary.

The vaccine can affect each person differently you can either be sick for a day or two, or you will not receive any symptoms at all.

There is no real way to make a comparison for each person that receives the vaccine. Michigan is working very hard to keep everyone safe and healthy.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Pregnant women reluctant to get COVID vaccine as cases climb" by Jessica Dupnack and Fox 2 Staff stated

"Michigan COVID-19 cases are leading to packed hospitals with patients in need of medical attention, including pregnant women as some are reluctant to get the vaccine.

All of Michigan is seeing an influx in COVID-19 cases. Across Beaumont Health's 8 hospitals, 18 women are COVID-19 positive who have just given birth or are still pregnant, including one who is on a machine that is, essentially, breathing for her. 

Doctor Brian Torock is the Chief of Obstetrics/Gynecology at Troy Beaumont and said they've seen a surge in cases among pregnant women over the past few weeks.

"Its really spiked. I think out of my past 10 deliveries, I think 3 or 4 of them have been COVID positive," Dr. Torock said. "We had a stretch not long ago where we had more pregnant women that were COVID-positive pregnant women than COVID-negative on our delivery board."

The increase in cases in Michigan has started to make an impact in the schools and a lot of kids are having to go back to virtual school to fully recover.

Pregnant have a right to be reluctant because they want to keep their baby safe and make sure that they are making the right choice.

Due to the spread, a few women have had to be sent to the ICU because they were COVID positive at the time of delivery.

It has been a priority to keep the women who are pregnant and are about to deliver as safe as possible.

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