Michigan Starts to Experience Coronavirus Surge

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Michigan just received news that cases for coronavirus are starting to rise again and people are surprised due to the arrival of the vaccine.

Not too long ago Michigan had one of the lowest infection rates. The surge is simply coming from the loosening of restrictions and people becoming comfortable without wearing a mask.

Which is understandable because we are told different rules every other week such as staying three feet away from people or six feet away from people.

Majority of people have received the vaccine but, now it is starting to take a toll on the younger population. There have been a few schools that have had to shutdown due to increased coronavirus cases.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Even as Michigan sees virus surge, Whitmer says restrictions unlikely" by David Eggert and Ed White stated

"Whitmer contended Thursday at a Michigan Chronicle event that this surge is different from last fall and spring in part because of the vaccine, which has been given to nearly two-thirds of residents 65 and older -- those most at risk of dying. COVID-19 hospitalizations, though higher in recent weeks, remain below the peak from December.

Still, the coronavirus's spread is concerning at a time many adults have not yet gotten a dose. 

Over the past two weeks, Michigan's seven-day average of new cases per day has increased 122% -- the largest change in the U.S. -- rising to 3,753 from 1,687, the biggest jump in raw figures, too. The state's seven-day per-capita case rate is third-highest, behind New York and New Jersey. Michigan reported more than 5,200 new cases Thursday, the most in over three months. The death rate has been steady."

This is not a surprise because getting rid of the restrictions provides a greater risk of people getting infected and catching the virus.

It will take a while for things to go back to normal, one thing that would be beneficial for the younger population is to stay at home if they are feeling sick.

As parents we have busy schedules and sometimes we cannot take off work to stay home with our children but, at this point your child should not be going to school sick.

Having your child come to school while they are feeling sick puts everyone else at a bigger risk. Let's not forget that younger kids touch everything!

Whether they are washing their hands or not they are still touching everything and passing germs around.

On the other hand, a few schools will be returning back to face-to-face learning after spring break which will allow the kids that have been in contact with the virus to properly heal.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Even as Michigan sees virus surge, Whitmer says restrictions unlikely" by David Eggert and Ed White stated

"Keith Elementary School in the Walled Lake district suspended in-person instruction last week because of suddenly troubling numbers there.

"It's one of the things that keeps me awake at night. We watch the numbers like we would watch the stock market," Superintendent Ken Gutman said on a YouTube video.

One of Michigan's largest high schools, Utica Eisenhower in Macomb County, stopped in-person classes Tuesday until April 19, after 40 students tested positive and more than 400 were quarantined as a result."

Keeping our families safe should be top priority because we have lost a numerous amount of lives dealing with this virus and trying to find the proper ways to social distance.

Lastly, for the teens that are playing sports they will be taking their temperatures to prevent any outbreaks from happening.

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