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One thing that has kept parents' conscience clear is having their kids wear masks at school and the kids being able to practice social distancing at school.

A lot of parents could not handle having to teach their children virtually either it interfered with their work schedule or their kid was not able to catch on or pay attention like they would if they were doing in-person learning.

The mask made it easier for people to feel as if their child would be safe at school and would not catch the coronavirus.

Although it is not the most ideal option, it was an option that worked for parents that had busy lives and needed additional help.

In an article from Fox 35 Orlando called "End of masks in schools? Volusia County School Board to discuss policy this week" by Stephanie Buffamonte stated

"The Volusia County School Board will be meeting this week to discuss the district's mask policy. 

Volusia County School Board member Carl Persis says he'd like the school district to get rid of the mask policy by the end of the school year if it's safe to do so. 

Persis wants to make it optional for students to wear masks, even if that's only for younger students.   

"I would love it even if we could just do it for elementary students. If it comes down to well, there's still a lot of spreads with students 15 and older, I would understand that," Persis said. 

He says that by May, more teachers are expected to be vaccinated. 

"Many more teachers are going to be vaccinated between today and the end of April, which is a good thing," Persis said."

This interesting because although people are eager for the world to go back to normal and be maskless we have to look at it from a realistic point of view.

People are still dying from coronavirus and elementary school children are definitely not immune from contracting the coronavirus.

I am confused as to why this topic would even need to be brought up since the vaccine just came out not even three months ago.

People are still having to social distance whether it is three feet or six feet social distancing is still a requirement.

The fact that they want to try this out on elementary school kids is surprising to me because with young children all they want to do is touch, play, and laugh in each other's faces.

Why would this even be an option right now when the coronavirus is contracting by respiratory droplets. Elementary kids spit and half of them probably do not wash their hands.

The option for the conversation is mind boggling to me since some schools have had to stop in-person learning due to the coronavirus.

In reality, let's not rush the process or be so quick to set our children up for failure because we are not out of the wood just yet.

On the other hand, being able to keep our children safe should be the first priority whether if they complain about it or not.

Once the kids get sick, the people that they live with become sick as well. It is a horrible chain reaction that is just waiting to happen.

Taking the time to discuss a timeline to when a mask is no longer required is a great idea but, to just choose to not have a mask with just social distancing is not the best idea.

Some kids may be immune to it and others may suffer tremendously.

How would you handle a situation like this?

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