How Would You Feel About Receiving Your Last Paycheck In Pennies?

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When you are looking for a job and a company interviews you, they always telling about their mission, vision, and all the perks that come with joining the company.

Once you receive the job and continue to work there until you retire, you only have positive thoughts about the company and always do what you are told.

We always hear about companies looking at people as being replaceable instead of being a long-term asset. For example, for some companies, it is looked down upon for an employee to take days off.

It is also looked down upon for employees to have an opinion at certain companies but, this is the first time I have heard of a company being difficult towards an employee that wants his last paycheck.

In an article from Fox 2 News called "Fayetteville man receives last paycheck in oil-covered pennies dumped on his driveway" by Janice Yu stated

"A Fayetteville man said his last paycheck from his former employer came in the form of over 90,000 oil- or grease-covered pennies dumped on his driveway.

Andreas Flaten said he left his job at A OK Walker Autoworks in November 2020. He said he was supposed to get his final paycheck, but was having difficulty getting it.

Flaten said he even contacted the Georgia Department of Labor to get help.

In mid-March, Flaten said he finally received the $915 he was owed, but it was not in the form he was expecting.

Flaten said he was leaving his home to go to the store when he noticed the pile of oil-covered pennies. He said on top of the pile was an envelope that said "f--- you" and contained his last paystub.

"This is a childish thing to do," Flatten said."

This has to be the most disrespectful thing I have ever heard, if an employee does their job and resigns they should receive their last paycheck without any difficulty.

Andreas Flaten now spends his days cleaning off every penny because each penny is covered in oil which makes it harder to take the bank.

The owner of the company could have paid him in cash, wrote him a check, or paid him how he usually pays him.

The article does not state if Andreas Flaten and the owner of the company were at odds and that is the reason the owner decided to give him a hard time or if he was just upset that he lost an employee.

Even if the owner was upset about losing Andreas Flaten as an employee it is still important to treat your employees with respect, so they can leave you a good review and want to continue to work with you in the future.

One thing I have learned is you never want to leave a bad taste in someone's mouth especially when you are running a business.

Word travels fast, especially in news articles. The owner of the company claims that he did nothing wrong and paid Andreas Flaten in USD currency.

This may be true but, I am pretty sure Andreas Flaten would have appreciated in cash or a check so he would not have to count each penny for hours.

Andreas Flaten deserves to be able to relax and embrace retirement. This is sad to think that employers will treat employees this way.

It is always important to set a positive example as a business owner and never do things just because you can.

Karma will make its way to him because it will take months for Andreas Flaten to count each penny.

How would you react to your boss?

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