Man Collapses During Gym Workout

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Working out and going to the gym has become a great pass time for a lot of individuals. It is also seen as great stress relief or a form of self-care.

While going to the gym it is normal to do what feels right and challenge yourself when you feel your body can take it.

It is also important to not compare yourself to others that may be working out next to you or around you because that will make you want to push yourself past your limit.

Being on a health and wellness journey is completely fine but when you are lifting weights or on a diet, it is important to know what your body can take and what your limit is while you are in the gym.

Our bodies are smart because the body will give you a signal if you are doing too much or if you are not doing enough.

For example, you are doing too much you may feel dizzy or dehydrated and if you are not doing enough you will feel a kick of energy.

More dangerous things can happen if you do not develop strong communication with your body and your mind while working out.

There was an article from CBS New York called "‘He Had No Pulse’; Rockland County Gym Members Revive Man Who Suddenly Collapsed During Workout" by the CBS New York Team that stated

"Surveillance video shows 67-year-old Earl Kellman’s workout at Titan Fitness in Haverstraw, New York last week.

It shows the moment he stopped to rack his weights. Then, he collapsed and narrowly missed hitting his head on the stack.

Other gym members noticed his limp body on the ground and ran to help.

“He had no pulse. We could see he was slightly foaming at the mouth,” said the gym’s owner Nathalia Bosquet, who’s also a nurse.

Bousquet rushed over to help. Two gym members, who are also first responders, did too.

“We couldn’t let him go down,” Bosquet told CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon. “He can’t die in this gym.”

This situation was definitely a scare for the gym members and the member that needed to be revived because you never know how that could have ended.

The gym member is very lucky and blessed to have an amazing support system around him that saved his life.

It is also wonderful that people at the gym responder so quickly, which means that they were well trained and knew what to do instead of panicking.

Being able to feel safe and protected where you workout is a strong benefit and it is wonderful that they were able to bring him back alive and get oxygen back to his brain.

I know when you enroll in certain gyms they let you know that they are well trained and prepared if anything were to happen.

All employees are taken through pieces of training such as CPR and if someone has fainted. Gyms are required to be prepared and not panic at the sight of blood or someone fainting.

It is wonderful to know that people are being taken care of no matter what situation they may be in. Now, as for the gym member, I hope he is getting the rest that he needs.

Regardless of age like I stated previously it is important to listen to our bodies because the body will give you a signal whether is mentally or physically.

Your body knows when it has had enough pressure, exertion, and movement. The key thing is to listen even if you do not want to.

Lastly, how far do you push yourself when you are in the gym?

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