The Woman That Was Banned From Uber & Lyft

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It's 2021 we have all taken Uber or Lyft once or twice in our lives while we were traveling or going out to dinner. For those who are unaware of what Lyft or uber is, it is a ride-sharing service that provides transportation.

It is amazing that Lyft and Uber have stepped their game up during the pandemic, they have been adamant about making sure that their drivers and passengers are traveling safely without catching the virus.

I myself have taken a uber to the airport and the driver will have something that separates you and them while in the car which makes me feel better and they clean the car after every passenger.

During each drive, you are required to wear a mask to protect you and the driver from catching the virus. Now, there are some people that like to step over boundaries and try to break the rules.

For example, in an article on Daily News called "Maskless woman banned from Lyft and Uber after caught on camera assaulting driver" by Theresa Braine stated

"The passenger was caught on a now-viral video that showed her not only assaulting the driver, who is South Asian, but also coughing on him — and then, just for good measure, in a moment not filmed, she pepper-sprayed him. She also grabbed his phone and ripped his mask off, The Associated Press reported.

The woman was with two other women wearing masks when Subhakar Khadka, 32, picked them up Saturday in San Francisco’s Bayview District.

Three women can be seen in the back seat berating and cursing at Khadka as his car sits on a highway shoulder. At one point, the woman without a mask coughs on him, grabs his cellphone from the center dash area and rips off his face mask."

This situation alone is surprising because the driver repeatedly asked for the passenger to wear a mask and the passenger coughed on him and then assaulted him.

The passenger proceeded to go on social media and state that she wanted to sue Uber, after making that statement on social media, Lyft decided that they were going to ban her as well.

The only thing that I can think about is the innocent driver who has to quarantine because he does not know if the passenger has Coronavirus.

Also, while he is in quarantine he will have to miss out on doing uber which makes him miss out on getting paid.

Then I think about the driver not getting paid which could potentially put his family at risk for getting his bills paid on time.

On the other hand, I think this situation could have gone a lot different it is all about keeping the people around you safe and the passenger.

Ripping the driver's mask off was unnecessary and hitting him was uncalled for because he is trying to get you to your destination safely.

It is hard enough trying to keep everyone safe while getting assaulted by not one but three people. I also read that one of the women in the car sprayed pepper spray while getting out of the car.

This whole situation seems like a form of abuse and not caring for other people's well-being even when they are trying to get you to your destination.

It is hard to make a good living because there is always someone trying to get in the way

Lastly, how would you feel if someone in your family had to deal with this? Would you tell them to sue the person they were assaulted by or would you tell them every one is not like that?

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