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The virtual school process has taken a toll on parents and students, we have all had to adjust during this pandemic. This is not saying that virtual school is bad but, it is definitely an adjustment.

What I have learned since having my daughter in virtual school is that some kids can get build fairly quickly and some kids still try to be bullies virtually.

Not to say all kids are bad or misunderstood but, there are some things that are taken too far. Not only are the kids adjusting but, the teachers are adjusting as well.

It is a different discipline level that has to be put in place for kids that try to push the button it is no longer going to the principles office if you get in trouble or going to detention.

Some children feel as if it is a free pass to do whatever they want since they are still at home and learning via zoom or whatever system they may be using.

In an article on Fox 2 News called "Walled Lake student allegedly records teacher using bathroom during zoom call" by Jack Nissen stated

"A student at a Walled Lake high school filmed his teacher going to the bathroom after she mistakenly believed her web camera was turned off.

The school district made parents aware of the incident in a release sent to families Thursday night.

Sources confirmed with FOX 2 that the incident happened after a teacher who had been lecturing during a zoom call believed she wasn't on camera when she went to the bathroom.

The incident occurred at Walled Lake Central High School and district officials said the choices by "both staff and students" had "compromised social integrity."

"The District does not tolerate students’ inappropriate use of technology and any violations of either the Code of Conduct or our Technology Acceptable Use Policy. We know these are very different times in the midst of a global pandemic; however, District expectations must always include respect for all students and staff," read the note from Interim Principal Chuck Froning to parents.

The student that recorded his teacher took the footage on their phone before posting it to social media."

On the other hand, this is embarrassing for the teacher and it is invading her privacy regardless if she was unaware that her camera was still on, the student should have respected her privacy.

The student is old enough to know right from wrong and the fact that the student posted it on social media shows that they knew what they were doing.

They also knew why they were doing it, like I stated previously some children are still being bullies even when they are learning virtually.

If roles were reversed this student will feel humiliated and feel as if their privacy was invaded. If the student really wanted to be respectful they would have let the teacher know the camera was still on.

I would not be surprised if this broke social media guidelines in some form because content that is posted on the internet does not disappear that easily.

That could have ruined her career and her personal life if the posts went too far, the moral of the story is to do right by people so you will receive positivity back into your life.

It is also big to point out that it is important to respect your teachers and classmates because you never know when you may need them again or when you may need to ask them for a favor.

How would you have handled this situation if you were the teacher?

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