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During the coronavirus pandemic, all of us took up a hobby whether it was writing, yoga, walking, or building a business.

It could be a number of things that we decided to do to take up our time while being at home for almost two years.

After working from home and not being able to interact with our families and friends, it is common for people to want to lean towards their hobbies to keep busy.

I wanted to list the top three hobbies that Michiganders have witnessed or have participated in during this long pandemic.

Some hobbies may include hiking, swimming, online shopping, and anything to keep their mind off of being indoors, away from family, or even out of work.


Since gyms and yoga studios were shut down during the pandemic a lot of fitness instructors or yoga teachers had to improvise and find a way to still make consistent money while reaching their clientele.

Many instructors decided to start to teach via zoom which has become a huge trend, there are tons of benefits that come with teaching virtually.

You are able to get noticed by a bigger audience when you teach virtually and you able to accept more than twenty-five students.

It all depends on what you are comfortable with and how many classes you want to teach virtually, it is something to get used to.

For me personally, I love teaching virtually especially if you are able to still make an impact with your students but if you are the type of instructor that needs physical interaction it may be a struggle.

The difference between virtual and being in a studio is you have to participate in the class instead of stating the next move or the next equipment they need to use because you want the student or client to do it correctly without hurting themselves.


Yes, you read correctly entrepreneurship! There are so many entrepreneurs that have been born and have stepped into the world of entrepreneurship since the pandemic has started.

People have realized that having a job versus betting on yourself there is no comparison. People have become comfortable relying on themselves.

Being able to bring in your own income instead of waiting on an employer to pay you or risk getting fired or laid off during a pandemic is risky.

This pandemic has provided an eye-opening experience for a lot of families. Some businesses have suffered due to the pandemic.

When you have a business is best to have a backup plan in case things like this do happen again. I have witnessed people get into forex trading, e-commerce stores, digital real estate, or even become life coaches.


Since a lot of us have been at home for the past two years, our cooking skills have improved tremendously. We have been forced to try new meals.

For example, since the pandemic, I have improved on my vegetarian journey and decided that my health is important instead of eating meat.

Some people have gotten creative with vegetarian and vegan recipes, mushrooms, jackfruit, and chickpeas have become amazing substitutes for meat.

Cooking has also become a great way to bring families together that live under the same roof. Children become curious about how to make certain foods or recipes that they enjoy.

Cooking is also one of the top ways to stay healthy instead of eating out every night, don't get me wrong some families enjoyed uber eats.

On the other hand, we live in Michigan so when snowstorms hit a lot of families did not have a choice but to find a great recipe to cook.

How did you spend your free time during the pandemic?

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