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Spring is almost here and we have slowly gotten used to the Coronavirus sticking around and having to wear a mask almost all day and every day.

Just twenty-four hours ago new restrictions regarding the Coronavirus were released for Michigan for different industries.

This could be a good thing or a bad thing regarding how you look at it, Governor Whitmer provided new restriction capacity limits and curfews for gyms, restaurants, and movie theatres.

In an article on Fox 2 News called "Michigan's new Covid restrictions take effect today" by Veronica Meadows and Jack Nissen stated

"Beginning March 5th

  • Restaurant and bar capacity can operate at 50% capacity and have an 11 p.m. curfew
  • Gym and casino capacity limits were increased to 30%
  • Entertainment venues for bowling and watching movies had their capacity increased to 50%
  • Stadiums that seat more than 10,000 people can now host up to 750 individuals.
  • Private indoor gatherings at homes can now have a maximum of 15 people from three different households. while private outdoor gatherings can have up to 50 people

While the hard numbers offer some relief to businesses begging for more room to host customers, fewer restrictions also feel like a morale boost for some."

With the new restrictions, some businesses see this as beneficial because people are guaranteed a seat and will feel safe knowing that catching the virus will be at a lower risk.

Since the announcement of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Michigan residents have been eagerly waiting to get the vaccine so life can go back to normal or as they once knew.

Just two days ago it was reported that 7,400 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was delivered to Oakland County.

The first dose was around 6,700 which was delivered to Oakland County. Oakland County is the first county to receive the most doses.

These doses are to go to individuals that are in between the ages of fifty and over. In an article from Fox 2 News called "COVID-19 fight ramps up as 7,400 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrive in Oakland County" by Amber Ainsworth stated

"The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the third COVID-19 vaccine approved for use in the United States and the first to only require one shot.

The Food and Drug Administration Advisory Committee reviewed the safety of the vaccine and approved it for emergency use Saturday. The Centers for Disease Control Advisory panel recommended the vaccine for people 18 and older on Sunday.

While the new vaccine is another positive step toward beating the pandemic, there is still a long way to go.

"I want people to understand even as eligibility opens up, we are still taking names on the save your spot list. We still have some work to do. We have 500,000 people on our waiting list," Coulter said. "The frustration for us in Oakland County is just getting more doses. We could do more if we had more doses and that's why today's news is such great news."

Oakland County currently leads the state in doses administered. It has given 315,039 doses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines to residents as of Monday."

With people getting access to the new vaccine things will hopefully start to go back to normal. Allowing us to be able to be in physical contact with our loved ones.

As far as the side effects of the vaccine I have not really heard too much information regarding it but, what is amazing is that they were able to create the vaccine in enough time.

We have to remember that the Coronavirus took the world by surprise and we were unsure how everything was going to end.

We were unsure how soon a vaccine would be created and with urgency and positivity, a vaccine was created to save lives.

If you have not received your vaccine yet I would just be patient because I believe that they are working as fast as they can to get everyone taken care of.

Now, some people still have their doubts about the vaccine but, as more information comes out we can continue to further educate ourselves.

We have to remember that getting the vaccine is our choice and how we protect our health is our choice as well.

This has all been a journey of trial and error, it is important that we are being protected because; we also have to make sure that our children are being protected as well.

The place with the most germs is a school because; with younger children, the children are always around each other and interacting with one another.

So the key thing is to make sure that the kids will be safe and the teachers will be safe as well. Currently, right now some children are still doing virtual school.

Another portion of children are inside the school learning but, with the proper distance from other children. Now, once everyone comes back to school will they be social distancing is my question.

It is important to still be able to be cautious of the virus because it is not like the common cold it is something that can potentially harm your life and the ones around you.

Being a mother myself I am severely cautious of my child becoming sick but, I know that they can only stay home for so long before the kids have to go back to school.

With that being said how are you making sure that your home and family are protected? Is the wait of the vaccine getting to you or are you patiently waiting?

The Coronavirus has taught us how important it is to stay at home when you are sick because; when I used to work in corporate there were tons of people that use to come to work sick because they did not want to miss out on hours or use their vacation time.

Lastly, enjoy the time that you are spending with your children whether they are virtually learning or going to school full time.

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