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2 Wyandotte Men Caught Impersonating Cops

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When we are younger we always get into the routine of being something that we are not because it is fun to pretend to be someone else for a short period of time.

What is difficult for me to understand is when pretending to be someone else carries on into our adult years to where people are actually committing crimes.

During this week two men by the name of Michael George Teen and Tonnie Dean Davis have been arrested for impersonating cops.

They were first spotted driving dangerously in Wyandotte and were pulled over by cops, the real cops noticed the fake badges.

In an article in Fox 2 News called "2 men caught with police badges, handcuffs in Wyandotte hit with drug charges" written by Jack Nissen stated

"Teen, 40, was found in possession of meth, cocaine, and burglary tools, while Chavis, 61, was also charged with possession of meth and resisting arrest. Both men also received habitual offender changes.
The men were originally spotted driving erratically out of a CVS parking lot Monday night around 10 on Fort Street. After they failed to yield or stop, a Wyandotte officer attempted to make a traffic stop.
Inside the car, police found crystal meth, cocaine, and thousands of dollars in goods believed to be stolen. Officers also recovered a BB gun that was painted to look real, police badges, a lock pick set, and other burglary tools. "

Now, these men have previous convictions as well and known as habitual offenders. Their next court date is March 11th.

The two suspects are known for carjacking and weapon charges but, what is quite confusing to me is why are they still being released if they are going to keep committing the same crimes?

This is a danger to the community letting them out since they will continue to commit these crimes. In the same article from Fox 2 News called "2 men caught with police badges, handcuffs in Wyandotte hit with drug charges" written by Jack Nissen stated

"Teen is charged with: 

  • Possession of Methamphetamines (Felony/10yrs)
  • Possession of Burglary Tools (Felony/10yrs)
  • Possession of Cocaine (Felony/4yrs)
  • Fleeing & Eluding 4Th Degree (Felony/2yrs)
  • Habitual Offender-Second Offense Notice

Chavis is charged with: 

  • Possession of Methamphetamines (Felony/10yrs)
  • Police Officer-Assault/Resist/Obstruct (Felony/2yrs)
  • Habitual Offender-Fourth Offense Notice"

These charges are not small misdemeanors these charges are hard crimes that could have hurt an innocent person. From the charges that were listed, it seems that both parties continue to commit these crimes together.

Besides the burglary tools possession, Michael George Teen had and Tonnie Davis's habitual offender- fourth offence notice.

This information also shows that these two knew what they were doing it is not like it was their first time doing this it's a repeated crime.

One thing I am curious about is how can we make this situation better for them and for the different areas that they are visiting because it is not safe.

I also noticed that the crimes listed are drug-related crimes, after doing some research I saw an article called "Habitual Offenders - What Are the Criminal Consequences" by HG it stated

Many habitual offenders continually commit crimes because they have a direct connection to substance abuse such as alcoholism or drug addiction. If the person needs money to buy drugs, he or she may commit a crime to acquire the funds. Others commit illegal activity because they are either drunk or high on some illicit substance. Certain individuals will have legal means of getting high such as prescription drugs and then commit a crime while not in the right frame of mind. Many drunks will engage in illegal activity without fully realizing it because they are not making the appropriate decisions."

Habitual offenders may get a longer sentence than the previous time but, in all reality is that helping the issue or putting a bandage over it until their sentence is complete?

Stealing and getting in trouble is not something that should be glorified it should be something that you learn from.

Stealing is never okay because you never know who might need that very item or product that you stealing. It is all about thinking about someone other than yourself.

Constantly being bad or going against what you may consider good is not a healthy way of life it's actually a horrible way to live.

You have to look at the bigger picture because everything that you do is always watched. It does not have to be the police but, it could also be family.

The crimes people commit they have to realize fall back on their loved ones and it is also setting an example for your children if you have any.

It is setting an example letting them know that it is okay to steal or do drugs when in reality that is leading you in a dark hole.

The farther you go down the hole the harder it is to get out of it, so it is always best to learn your lesson from the mistakes or mishaps that you have made and learn to live for the better.

It is so important to improve throughout life whether it is something big or small. In order for positive things to happen to you, you have to put positivity out into the world.

It is also important to not allow someone to influence you to make bad decisions regardless of it they got away with it or not.

Remember it is your life, your decision, and your charge if things go left because; you are the only person that you have to look at when things go left.

It is better to just be positive and not impersonate someone that you are not especially the police because it can only end badly from there.

It will be a bigger charge and a horrible outcome with a lot of regrets. Lastly, if you want something just work hard to get it and save your money it will come to you eventually.

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