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The Love Triangle That Took a Life

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Love can be beautiful and it can be toxic depending on what situation you put yourself in.

When you are in the dating phase you are always learning each other and the other person's toxic or bad side might not come out until your two years into the relationship.

Being in a relationship allows you to either accept or let the person go depending on what they reveal and what they put you through.

Abusive relationships happen every single day whether it is due to jealousy or due to what people have seen growing up.

Now, abusive relationships are never a healthy situation to be in because; you or your partner are being ripped apart mentally or physically.

Being abused can take a toll on anyone's mental or physical state, it is all about learning your worth and know that you deserve better.

Love is not violent or harmful, love is about being happy, enjoyed, and growing old together not hurting each other.

Recently, in Southfield, Michigan there was a shooting that took place at a liquor store due to a love triangle.

The altercation took place on February 25, 2021, on 9 mile and Greenfield during the afternoon.

In an article by Jack Nissen from Fox2News stated

"At one point, the suspect, a 21-year-old, pulled out a gun and shot the victim, a 27-year-old. Police were called to the 22800 block of Greenfield around 3:15 p.m. 

An ambulance arrived and transported the victim to the hospital, where he later died. 

While Southfield police investigated the incident, they discovered the involvement of a second suspect, a 21-year-old man from Detroit. He was apprehended a short time later without incident on 8 Mile near Greenfield.

One gun belonging to the suspect was recovered at the scene while another gun was recovered as a result of a search warrant that was executed in the city of Detroit.

A release from Southfield police said the suspects and the victim knew each other and the argument stems from a previous relationship between the victim's girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend."

This situation was uncalled for because no one should have been killed or harmed regardless of the situation.

Both suspects are supposed to show up in court on Saturday. Violence is never the answer especially when it comes to a relationship.

It does not matter if the victim that was killed was an ex-boyfriend or not communication always comes first.

Killing someone only ruins the future of everyone's life, including the family of the victim who now has to pay for funeral arrangements.

It is always important to be the bigger person in the situation and find a solution that will benefit both parties.

Even if you are fighting over a woman or a man it does not have to go that far, regardless of how much you love that individual or what that individual did to you.

One thing that is true is domestic violence does not discriminate it does not matter what race, sex, age, religion, or even education level you are.

It is important to understand the different forms of abuse you may see within a relationship.

Some red flags that you should look for if you feel like you are in an abusive situation are:

  • Saying things that would insult you.
  • Continuously demeaning you.
  • Discouraging you or trying to prevent you from spending time with friends or family.
  • Continuously gaslighting (making you feel as if what your saying is untrue).
  • Trying to control your financial situation.
  • Refusing to pay certain bills.
  • Pressuring you to do things that you are not comfortable with.
  • Trying to intimidate you.
  • Destroying your home or things that belong to you.
  • Making you feel as if you do everything wrong.

Now, these are not all of the red flags to look out for but, those are just a few to keep in mind when you are dealing with an awful situation.

When you are in a dangerous situation or abusive situation when you are ready it is always important to plan a safety plan.

A safety plan can consist of having somewhere you can go to get away, an emergency person to call so you have a safe get away, another phone to use, and a strong support system to help you get out of the negative situation when you are ready.

Remember your safety comes first when you are dealing with an unsafe situation, it does not mean that you are wrong.

Having a life and waking up every day is a beautiful gift and to have it taken away from you is a tragedy for both parties.

One victim's family is preparing a funeral and another is preparing for a court date, we have to remember that violence is not the answer regardless of how upset we get.

Be a person that chooses peace the moment they wake up, instead of being that person that chooses violence.

Be a person that wants to help others, instead of being that person that wants to take from others.

Be a person that wants to see others succeed, instead of being that person that wants to see others fail.

It is bigger than just murder it is showing the generation coming up that we care about each other as a country.

It is showing the generation coming up that we may have differences but, communication is key when it comes to a disagreement.

It is showing the generation coming up that we are trying to do better than the people that raised us and that we are trying to create a world where we can be safe.

Providing positive examples is key when it comes to raises the younger generation because; everything is on social media and everything is seen.

Whether we like it or not everyone's business comes to light so why not let the things that come to light be positive.

I think in this situation shining bright is the goal instead of looking for the negative.

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