The Football Player That Ate Dinner In Front of His Lifeless Fiance

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When you are in a relationship the last thing you should think about is being abused by your partner. Relationships are not built off of abuse, a relationship is built off of loyalty, love, protection, learning from each other, and more.

Abuse is not something that should take part in a relationship. Does it happen? Yes but, in this case, it went overboard.

A lot of men and women deal with abusive relationships whether it is emotional or physical, they are able to hide it well because they do not want anyone to know what is really going on in their relationship.

I myself am a domestic violence survivor, when I was going through that relationship I realized I did more hiding in that relationship.

I did not want anyone to see how my partner at the time acted and I did not want anyone to see any of my bruises.

Eventually, you mature and realize that we never deserve to be abused, we always deserve to be loved and appreciated.

I brought up this topic because, I came across a story on Revolt the author Victoria Moorwood wrote an article called “NFL’s Chad Wheeler thought he choked girlfriend to death, kept eating food”

With this incident, Chad Wheeler and his girlfriend had a disagreement where he ended up physically harming her. She was left on the bathroom floor with a bloody face.

In the article Victoria Moorwood stated “Text messages that she had allegedly sent also said that Wheeler had been surprised she’d survived his attack.

“What was most terrifying was how cold he was,” one alleged text read. “He thought I was dead on my bed and continued to eat dinner. When I ran into the bathroom, he said, ‘Wow, you’re still alive’ while sipping on a smoothie.”

In addition, the police were called and Chad Wheeler was arrested for abusing his girlfriend. Let’s not forget that he also resisted arrest but, on the court date, Chad Wheeler pleaded not guilty.

In a CNN article “Former Seahawks lineman Chad Wheeler pleads not guilty to domestic violence charges” by Konstantin Toropin who stated, “she asked the court to return Wheeler to jail."Chad is out of custody staying in a hotel watching this play out on social media," she wrote in her statement to the court. "This current status places my safety at risk, and I do not believe that a protective order or a condition of release is sufficient to keep me safe,"

It is good that the victim has started to realize that abuse is not how a relationship is supposed to go.

The fact that he thought that he killed her and that he continued to sit there and enjoy his food is ridiculous.

While this woman was unconscious anything could have happened to her which is terrible.

Moreover, usually with abusive relationships, this is not the first time that he has taken it to a physical level but, this may be the first time that he has gone this far.

In a lot of abuse cases, the woman is the victim because she is smaller. The abuser usually looks for someone that they can control and belittle.

This makes them feel as if they are bigger and better which is not the case. The abuser does not become an abuser through birth.

An abuser becomes an abuser by watching and learning from their environment at home. It is always a mother and father, father and father, or even mother and mother.

Another good example would be how a parent communicates with a child, the child will take on those communication traits and use them as they grow up and start working with different people.

Being an abuser and a bully is a learned trait that attaches to an innocent person. Now, the victim can be a learned trait as well.

This can be a learned trait for a victim because; once someone is mean to you so many times you have to find a way to protect yourself or you will shut down mentally or physically.

Being a victim of abuse can really take a toll on your mental health. You start to question every decision that you make or start to think down on yourself.

Being a victim becomes comfortable because; you become used to thinking badly about yourself or thinking this is what you deserve when it is the complete opposite.

It also takes a very strong person to help pull you from that dark space whether it is a counselor, therapist, or a close friend that wants to see you win.

On the other hand, when you start dating you have to remember how important it is to set proper boundaries and communication lines so things like this will not occur.

If they do occur you are able to point out the red flag and run! You also have to remember that people will only do what you allow.

An abuser will always test the water first before pushing the limit, based on your response they know how far they can go.

There are so many victims out in the world that has almost lost their lives to their spouses because they loved them and thought they would eventually change.

It is all based on is your peace and happiness more important than getting belittled and treated as if you are nothing when you do something that your spouse or partner does not like.

Before you get into a relationship put yourself on a pedestal and be proud of who you are and who are evolving into.

It is important to know that you deserve the best so you will not accept anything less than that. It is better to speak up because; abusers do not know how to handle someone that has an opinion.

Another way of speaking up would be learning self-defense, because not only will you be able to protect yourself verbally but you can protect yourself physically.

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