10 DIY Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Our lives become busier every single day whether we are with our kids, spouses, co-workers, or learning how to be entrepreneurs.

Life is becoming hectic; so I thought I would help us out a little bit. Do it yourself hacks have always been beneficial to me.

It can be any hack whether it is cooking, redecorating, or fixing something inside my home. If the hack will save me time, money, and keep me organized, I’m open to different ideas.

If you have not heard of DIY’s it is short for “Do It Yourself” which means you can find things from your home or even go out and buy things at a good price to create a craft or hack.

Before we get into the top ten do it yourself hacks, I wanted to discuss the benefits of doing these projects or hacks yourself.


  • Will save you time.
  • Will keep you organized.
  • Will keep your home or car clean.
  • Will provide you more space in your home, office, or car.
  • Will improve the way you live.
  • Will reduce stress.
  • Will build your confidence on doing things on your own.
  • Will increase life satisfaction.

Now, that we have gone over the benefits of doing DIY hacks or projects. I wanted to list ten “Do It Yourself” hacks and projects that have become my favorite and that may be beneficial to you.

Essential Oils Are Great For Furniture.

Essential oils are very beneficial when it comes to furniture. It is one of the many techniques that keeps your furniture looking brand new.

This technique is especially beneficial for wooden furniture, it not only brings your furniture back to life but, it can be used as a bug repellant. I have listed great do it yourself directions to making furniture polish.

  • ¼ cup of olive oil
  • ¼ cup of vinegar
  • 10 drops of your preferred essential oil
  • Shake well before spraying
  • Use a microfiber cloth for amazing results

Mouthwash Is Better Than Toilet Cleaner

Did you know mouthwash can clean your toilet better than cleaning products that you buy from the store? For the best results you should pour a cap full of mouthwash into the toilet bowl and let it sit from thirty minutes to an hour. Once you start cleaning all the germs will disappear.

Shoe Racks Hold More Than Just Shoes

This hack is pretty unique, if you have a large family or teenagers this can be beneficial. The shoe rack will provide a variety of snack choices, not only does it provide a variety but it also provides a great amount of space. The last big plus is it is easier for your family to reach.

Mom’s Socks Turned Into A Fashion Statement

Your toddler may have a bright idea when she is dressing up in your clothes. When it gets cold outside she can use your socks as winter leggings to keep her tiny legs warm. It may not be ideal but, at least your child’s legs will be warm.

Storage Baskets Can Be Used Anywhere

You heard it right, storage baskets can also be beneficial for your refrigerator. Think of it as a way to be frugal or a way to save you money from buying expensive storage baskets for your refrigerator.

This will help organize your refrigerator and life, another plus would be if you like things to be labeled you will have fun labeling things the way you like.

Add Paper To Your Trash

I’m not saying add paper to trash for the fun of it. I am saying add paper to the bottom of your trash to prevent leakage and terrible smells.

This will save you, your spouse, or child a lot of frustration when it comes time to change the trash or take the trash outside. By adding the extra layer it will catch the liquid of the food or whatever you put in the trash.

Plastic Bags With A Disinfectant Container Go Hand In Hand

First thing you need to do is use the rest of your disinfectants, once those are used you will start adding plastic bags to that container.

Your next step once the container is filled up you will put this container in your car. Now, if you child or you make a mess you will have trash bags on hand if you have to clean up a mess.

Mason Jars Are Your Best Friend

You can use mason jars for almost anything teas, juice, beads, seeds and more. This hack is for paint!

Once you are finished painting a room and you have left over paint; to save the paint you can pour it into a mason jar. Please make sure the lid is screwed on tightly.

Do You Love Your Pets Fur?

All of us love our pets but we may not enjoy their shedding on our furniture. One great hack would be to use a squeegee.

With the squeegee it removes the hair easily and you get a chance to reuse the squeegee. Once all the hair is cleaned up you get to love your pet more.

Vanilla Can Make You Feel Comfortable

One great way to keep your house smelling delicious is by warming vanilla bean in water on the stove.

You could use candles, wax melts, air fresheners or incense but, this way is quite crafty and frugal. For this great hack you would need to take two cups of water and add the vanilla bean or cinnamon to keep your home smelling inviting.

Each hack is beginner friendly, useful and life changing. My favorite hack would have to be the vanilla bean or the mouthwash hack for your toilet.

Everyone has their own way of living but, it is also important to live a life that is organized, stress free and comfortable.

After reading through ten hacks which one was your favorite? If it was not listed what do you hack would you love to share with us?

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