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Being a female in this world, sometimes we forget how important our crown is. We get so caught up in our daily routine; that we forget to give ourselves credit.

We always remember to acknowledge our family and friends but, we forget to acknowledge ourselves and what we have accomplished.

This time around I’m not only going to give you the details on the crown chakra but, I am going to give you your flowers for being an amazing woman because, you deserve it if you have not heard it today.

Last week, I educated you on the throat chakra. This week we are going to discuss the importance of the crown chakra and how it benefits your well being.

The crown chakra focuses on your wisdom, visions,enlightenment, spirit, and connection to a higher guidance. This chakra is located above the crown.

The crown chakra is where your experiences are held. It is driven by consciousness, how you communicate and interpret situations. This is where you will become in touch with the universe.

This chakra can be known as connecting everything together, this is how we stay connected to the divine.

As previously stated every chakra is assigned a color, for this chakra the color is purple. The crown chakra is also connected to colors or gold or white.

One of the many ways to keep your crown chakra balanced is by practicing meditation; being able to clear your head and keep positive thoughts is an amazing gift that we have as humans.

Another way to keep your crown chakra balanced is by practicing the half lotus pose. Practicing meditation and yoga will help bring you back to alignment.

Signs your crown chakra is balanced:

  • Your intuition will improve.
  • You will become aware of your spiritual self.
  • You will become more selfless.
  • You will begin to see individuals as a part of you.
  • You will become more caring.
  • You will develop gratitude.
  • You will develop acceptance.
  • You will develop compassion.
  • You will start to reject negative thoughts.
  • You will become more understanding.

Signs your crown chakra is unbalanced:

  • You will become bored.
  • You may develop restlessness.
  • You may become stubborn.
  • You may become unwilling to work with others.
  • You may become disconnected from your positive thoughts.
  • You may develop a lack of inspiration.
  • You may develop self-destructive tendencies.
  • You may develop a need to sleep more.

Positive ways to successfully balance your crown chakra:

  • You can begin to practice crown chakra meditation.
  • You can try different yoga poses such as half lotus, corpse pose or headstand. (Try headstand only with guidance).
  • You can start your day or end your day by stating positive affirmations.
  • You can start by changing your diet to more fruits and vegetables.
  • Practice reconnecting with your inner self.
  • Try using aromatherapy each sent will awaken different chakras.
  • Start reading positive books.
  • Start listening to positive podcasts.
  • You can also be quiet and appreciate being present with the silence.

Now, you may be wondering why I combined the education of the crown chakra with giving you your flowers and picking up your crown.

I chose to combine these topics because they go hand in hand. Being connected with your deeper self will provide a sense of selflessness which will allow you to appreciate yourself and appreciate others’.

I stated previously that sometimes we forget to give ourselves credit as individuals because; were so focused on comparing ourselves to different lives that we forget that even the little things that we have are amazing.

A balanced crown chakra also goes with helping a friend or associate in private and not having to blurt it out to the world or post it on social media.

It is important to be able to help someone and just allow it to be that. Not everyone needs to know that you are a hero.

We go through this world multi-tasking, taking risks, and failing but we forget all the mountains and dirt roads we had to go through to reach the goal.

We live in a world where we brush things to the side and forget to see it as an accomplishment.

Be a bigger person and give someone a compliment; tell them that they did a good job on a project or a business deal.

You can even tell them what you like about them. You never know what a compliment will do for them.

The crown chakra is helping you align into a person that is kind, patient and selfless. You will develop habits of taking the time out to put a smile on someone’s face rather than your own.

In return to you putting positivity out in the world, you will receive good vibes and amazing opportunities to show off your skills and gifts.

It is okay if you are a work in progress when it comes to your crown chakra but keep in mind you will get there in due time.

Being able to acknowledge that your crown chakra is unbalanced is not easy but, once you start the work you will feel refreshed, relaxed and aligned.

Doing the work of aligning your crown chakra is a beautiful accomplishment because; it is not only beneficial to yourself but, it is beneficial to the children that you have in the future, brothers, sister, mom and dad.

You are setting an example for greatness and positivity. Having your chakras aligned is not only beneficial to you but, it is beneficial to the individuals around it.

Remember positivity and success are contagious, it is only a matter of time before you start noticing the increase in smiles around you.

I would love to hear about some of your experiences with balancing your crown chakra and if you shared some of your techniques with family or friends.

What do you do to keep your crown chakra balanced and what symptoms or signals do you get when your crown chakra is unbalanced?

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