Building Your Creative Side by Awakening Your Sacral Chakra

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Imagine to be able to freely express your thoughts, ideas, and corrections without second guessing your purpose.

Imagine being able to step into your own and allow your creative juices to flourish without worrying about succeeding or failing.

Imagine to be able to respond in trying or challenging situations confidently without becoming stressed or flustered.

Each chakra serves a different purpose within our spiritual, mental, and physical world. It is important to learn how your body communicates with each chakra.

Knowing how your body communicates with each chakra, will help you understand when your chakras are balanced or unbalanced.

To dive a little deeper, the sacral chakra has always been one of my favorite chakras to discuss.

This is not because, of the sensuality aspect of the chakra but the sacral chakra helps an individual express.

Each chakra builds a strong foundation to who you are and who you are evolving into.

This also plays a part in experiences that we have as we get older.

The sacral chakra is located below the belly button and in the back by the lumbar vertebrae.

The sacral chakra also expands to the genital area of a human, this is where the sensual side comes in.

The sacral chakra focuses on a person’s creativity, flexibility, emotions, spontaneous side, empathy, change, nurturing, intimacy, movement, and sensual side.

When you have a balanced sacral chakra, your creativity overflows; you can find a solution to a problem with ease.

As we get older it becomes easy to lose our creative senses because; we either have a set schedule, we want to be obedient or we no longer have the urge to reach for the stars.

One of the best ways to get your creative juices going and balance your sacral chakra is do something out of the ordinary, be spontaneous and take a risk.

For example, start setting aside time once a week to paint, write, play with clay or bake.

Get in the routine of doing things that make your heart smile or get in the routine of doing things that allow you to be silly and not tense. Start to reach out to the inner child that all of us have on the inside.

The root and sacral chakra are considered friendly neighbors since they both contribute to our sensual awakening, where we develop fantasies, and what we consider pleasure.

Both chakras give you the freedom to explore and experience your creative side.

A healthy sacral chakra allows you to be present in the moment and not distracted by negativity or social media.

As stated in a previous article we have seven main chakras, and each chakra is attached to a different color.

The sacral chakra is connected to the chakra color orange, this chakra can also catch colors of blue or white depending on the situation.

One of the many ways to balance the sacral chakra is to sit in butterfly pose with your feet together and bend forward.

You can also meditate with stones that focus on the sacral chakra such as the moonstone, citrine, orange calcite, or carnelian.

Signs your sacral chakra is balanced:

  • You will start to feel more energized.
  • You will have an increased libido.
  • You will start to feel inspired.
  • You will be able to handle problems.
  • You will be able to allow life to flow.
  • People will become attracted to your energy.
  • People will become attracted to your ideas.
  • You will start to become present.
  • Life will become fun for you.
  • You will become motivated in your professional and personal life.
  • You will not be lonely.
  • You will not feel sadness.
  • You will develop strong appropriate boundaries.
  • You will create feelings of abundance.
  • You will create feelings of joy and success.

Signs your sacral chakra is unbalanced:

  • You will become lethargic.
  • You will be worried.
  • You will be unmotivated.
  • You may develop menstrual issues.
  • You may develop a lack of interest for exercise.
  • You may develop a lack of interest for intimacy.
  • Your emotions will become unbalanced.
  • You will have a lack of creativity.
  • You may develop back pain.
  • You may develop low self-confidence.
  • You may develop low libido.
  • You may have low positive energy.
  • You may feel sad or lonely.
  • You may start to feel numb.
  • You may start to feel stuck in a certain mood. For example, you may feel as if you are in a funk.
  • You may develop codependency.
  • You may develop a sexual obsession.

Positive ways to successfully balance your sacral chakra:

  • Tackle the emotions from your childhood.
  • Listen to your body when it is telling you that you are tired. For example, take a step back when you are tired or feel overworked or overwhelmed.
  • Develop work-life boundaries.
  • Develop personal life boundaries, meaning boundaries for the relationships that you have outside of work.
  • Focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual needs.
  • Take time to laugh, relax and reset.
  • Start saying positive affirmations throughout the day.
  • Start eating foods that are good for sacral such as oranges, seeds, coconuts, and teas.
  • Acknowledge that your chakra is unbalanced.
  • Drink water frequently.
  • Develop a routine of allowing yourself to be creative.
  • Practice yoga poses that open your hips. For example, the happy baby pose, pigeon pose, goddess pose or even child’s pose.
  • Practice meditation for at least five minutes throughout the day, to allow your mind and body to reset.

Being able to acknowledge that your sacral chakra is unbalanced is not always easy. The first step is always letting yourself know that something is not right.

In addition, you can have an overactive sacral chakra which would consist of mood swings, loving drama, thriving for conflict, and developing poor personal boundaries.

Keep in mind that balancing your chakras is not something that happens overnight. Balancing your chakras takes time and patience.

By practicing the positive ways to successfully balance your sacral chakra you will get your creative juices flowing in no time!

I would love to hear about some of your experiences with balancing your sacral chakra.

What do you do to keep your sacral chakra balanced and what symptoms or signals do you get when your sacral chakra is unbalanced?

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