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Our pets are always there to love us when we are down and cheer with us when we are happy. No matter what pet you have they adapt to your daily routine, even when it comes to health and wellness.

For example, when I first got my shihpoo at nine weeks old, she would lay on the couch and watch me do yoga with my clients. As she got older, she started to participate with each pose.

Since she was a smaller dog, she would come on the mat with me and do her downward dog underneath me.

My shihpoo would also focus on when I inhale and exhale, which was quite impressive to me. Since she has been doing yoga with me; it has created a stronger bond between us.

My shihpoo’s listening skills have gotten better because she started to understand how I communicate.

Animals are good at being observant, animals are alert to your anxiety and when you are in a relaxed state.

Your pet will not be able to do every pose just like you, but they will attempt a modified version that is comfortable for them.

Doing yoga with your pets has become such a trend within the past few years because, of the bond that it creates between you and your loving pet.

There are many classes that specifically focus on one animal, meaning yoga with your dog, yoga for equestrians, yoga for goats and the list goes on.

Not only does yoga with animals create a bond between the owner and their adorable pet but, it also helps with training.

Being able to consistently build a yoga practice with your pet will allow them to create a healthy routine with you.

One of the most popular types of yoga with your pet is called yoga with your dog or “doga”.

Doga is yoga with your dog, where you can let go of ownership. The dog is given the space to be free and embrace their energy and your energy.

This yoga has been trending in the most recent years due to how beneficial it is for both the dog and human. It is not as easy as it sounds depending on how your dog is on a daily.

It is okay for the dog to not fully participate they will eventually connect with you. There are a few ways yoga with your dog can be beneficial such as:


Being able to relax with your dog is a bonus, through each session you and your dog will develop a strong breathing technique.

This is beneficial for hyperactive dogs, anxious dogs, or dogs who have behavioral issues. This will help your pet develop a technique to help them self sooth when you are not with them.


Joining a yoga class with your dog, will give your dog experience with interacting with other dogs as well.

This interaction can be a soothing experience for your loving dog an bring them out of their shell if their shy or aren’t quite sure how to make new friends if they are a only pet.

Since yoga with your dog will improve their social skills, this will be beneficial when they are going on walks or going hiking with you.

Improving Health:

Yoga is beneficial to your health mentally and physically. It is also beneficial to your dog’s health, just like humans’ dogs can have health complications as well such as heart problems, joint problems, obesity, dementia, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on.

It Is important to keep your dog active; yoga helps build muscles within your dog’s body and keeps the blood circulating.

Beginner Friendly:

Dog yoga is beginner friendly, your does not have to be an expert at yoga. The dogs will be focused on feeding off your energy and making new dog friends.

Keep in mind it is important to continue to give your dog praise during the yoga session. The smaller dogs may want to sit in your lap more while the larger dogs may want to participate more.

Some may wonder how they can identify if their dog is ready for dog yoga. I would say to use your best judgement; it may be more beneficial to try virtual dog yoga sessions.

Virtual dog yoga sessions can be just as fun because, you are still bonding with your pet and allowing them to adjust to the different poses.

In an article called “Have You Ever Head of Doga? Everything You Need to Know About Practicing Yoga With Your Dog” by Kristi Valentini stated “Once the class has begun, it’s essential to pay attention to signs your dog isn’t comfortable. Be careful when moving her into positions to avoid injury. While dogs might be the natural champs at the downward dog position, many yoga moves just are not possible for our four-legged friends. Be sure to only attempt positions that have been adapted to a dog’s body.”

It is important to pay attention to how your dog is reacting in the yoga session. It is important to look for signs of being anxious, uncomfortable, or even unsatisfied.

This is rare because, most of the time you and your adorable dog will end up snuggling.

The best way to get your pet started in yoga would be to do research or look for certain classes in your area that practice yoga for animals.

Each session can vary within price range depending on class length and class type.

After your first class you will soon notice certain poses that your animal does will seem natural to them.

Remember to not put to much pressure on you or your dog during a yoga session, this is made to be a bonding experience.

During yoga, the main purpose is to make sure you and your dog are connecting to your own mind, body, and spirit. Be able to embrace the positive energy and breathe out the negative energy.

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