Can Couples Yoga Bring Back the Spark in Your Relationship?

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Relationships in the beginning are always fun, spontaneous, and optimistic.

In the beginning you are on your best behavior whether it is making the perfect meal, opening the door, or even consistently having dates just so your significant other knows you care.

After a few months, the infatuation or the so-called honeymoon phase comes to an end.

Now, making a perfect meal turns into fast food or “you can get something on your way home, I already ate!”.

Opening the door slowly starts to disappear or begins to rarely happen, and having consistent dates nights turns into forgetting or trying to make time for each other.

It is important to keep the spark going or take up a new hobby with each other because; not only as a couple but, as individuals we constantly evolving and growing into a better version of ourselves.

One of the many hobbies that can bring the spark back or keep a couple on their toes would be yoga.

Yoga is a great way to consistently breathe together, experience each other, focus on your partners body, and appreciate it.

Listed below you will find a few ways couples yoga can benefit your relationship and strengthen not only your body but, your body.

1. Helps Create Better Communication Skills

In couples’ yoga it is important to listen to your partner, listen to their body and focus on their need.

Couples yoga not only increases communication skills verbally but, also nonverbal as well because, with each pose you become more synchronized.

By the end of each session, you will develop a better grasp on how to read your partners wants and needs based on their nonverbal communication.

2. Creates Memorable Moments

Let’s face it in each couples’ yoga session there is always a shy partner and playful partner or both partners are playful.

Yoga instructors do not expect every couple to be an expert in yoga, yoga is created to be memorable or to be a release to relax the mind.

Your first session you and your partner may be all over the place; slipping and falling. That is the beautiful of it because, you will remember that moment and connect it with partner positivity.

3. Creates a Mutual Balance

Having a partner is a benefit with yoga because; you can use them as a guide or as your mirror.

You will be able to correct each other and you will figure out what feels good and what is too much.

Remember not all yoga transitions will be smooth the first time but, effort is key when it comes to finding mutual balance.

4. Teaches the Way of Touch

Bringing that element of touch into couples’ yoga is beautiful! It allows you to experience your partner by building intimacy and feeding your partners desires not only physically but mentally.

Being able to experience your partners touch can reduce stress, anxiety, increase the bond and trust within your relationship.

5. Your Partner Becomes Your Playground

With each session you will become more comfortable with your partner, the romantic attraction will naturally return or increase.

Being able to learn new hobbies together allows you and your partner to slow down, enjoy, and embrace each other.

Yoga also improves the sex drive because; it naturally brings you back to what sparked your relationship in the beginning.

In addition to bringing the spark back once you start developing that mutual balance by breathing and becoming synchronized with movement; your mind and body will come curious.

Your mind will want to experience what you are learning in the yoga studio in the bedroom.

If you are not quite ready to head to the yoga studio yet, below you will see a few simple partner yoga poses that you and your partner can become familiar with.

1. Partner Breathing

  • Sit back-to-back with your partner.
  • Sit comfortably back to back with legs crossed, you are able to use a blanket if your hips are tight.
  • Start to test out breathing separately, just to get use to the movement of each inhale and exhale.
  • On your next inhale start to synchronize your breath with your partner, so you are breathing together.
  • You and your partner have the option of doing a few rounds of this while setting a mutual intention.

2. Couples Tree Pose

  • Stand side by side with your partner.
  • Put arms around each other’s waist.
  • Both partners will begin to balance on the leg that is closest to their partner. Remember use each other as a guide.
  • Turn your outside leg open so your knee points to the side and hip is open.
  • Bring your foot to your ankle, calf muscle or upper thigh. Please avoid placing your foot on your knee.
  • Bring your opposite hand together with your partner, creating a heart to center.
  • Create a synchronizing breath for three rounds.

3. Partner Gazing

  • Start by sitting with your legs crossed facing your partner.
  • You will place your hands on your partners knees or legs.
  • Once you are comfortable in position, you will open your eyes.
  • Start to gaze at your partner. (Tip: A nice way to break the ice would be to state something that you love about your partner).
  • While you are gazing at your partner, you will create a synchronizing breath.
  • You have the option of setting a mutual intention while doing four rounds of breathing or you can silently breathe together.

Participating or developing a routine with couples’ yoga will help quiet the mind, release stress, and bring you and your partner back to a beautiful focus of why you fell in love.

Each pose will help increase your intimacy, build trust, and help you feel comfortable with your partner.

Partner yoga will allow you and your partner to be vulnerable with each other, it will create a deeper connection and bond.

Lastly, it will help you learn more about your partner.

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