Which Style of the Kitchen Backsplash You Would Like in 2022? Farmhouse or Modern?

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Kitchen backsplashes are a wonderful element to include in your home. Not only do they protect your walls behind the stove, but backsplashes also bring an element of style into your kitchen that can increase the value of your home. Kitchen backsplash trends have been changing drastically over the past few years. However, Peel and Stick kitchen backsplash are also becoming more and more popular. It seems that kitchen designers are always looking for new ideas to bring into their kitchen designs, which leads to many changes in kitchen design every year.


What are kitchen backsplash trends expected to be popular in 2022? Gone are the days of plain white tile or basic granite tile--today's kitchen is filled with color. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite kitchen backsplash ideas that will help you create the perfect space for your family today.

Great Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022

It is always important to keep up with new trends in kitchen backsplash arrangements. Through our list of the top kitchen backsplash trends 2022, we hope you will be inspired to create a space that meets your family's needs and reflects your personality.

Minimalist Style:

Minimalist design focuses on creating a functional space while still appealing to the eye. While some homeowners choose to go for elegant or bold backsplashes, others are looking for simple designs that help them save money. With the minimalist trend growing rapidly, you can easily find chic and stylish kitchen backsplash stick tiles that will give your kitchen a new look. This specific style allows you to pare down your space and create a kitchen that is both stylish and functional.

Natural Earth Tones:

Earth tones are popular in many modern kitchens because they create a calming and relaxing environment. Most people love the warmth of natural earth tones which makes this choice an excellent one for family homes. Using neutral colours allows you to easily add pops of colour when needed, such as your kitchen accessories or your home's upholstery.



When choosing a modern kitchen backsplash idea, it's important to pay attention to neutral colors, particularly those that refer to nature, such as soothing green that stands for plants or soft blue for the ocean breeze. This way, you can create a timeless backsplash and compliment your overall design.

In addition to the backsplash styles mentioned above, you can also refer to wood, stone, or honeycomb stick tiles when deciding upon the backsplash arrangement. This will help create a cohesive design in your kitchen that is both stylish and timeless.

High-tech style:

The high-tech style is a mix of simple and modern. If you want to go bold with your kitchen backsplash, this will be the perfect choice for your home. This style incorporates reflective materials such as chrome or stainless steel that create a sleek look in any kitchen décor. When choosing a kitchen backsplash, it's important to consider neutral shades, particularly black and grey. Furthermore, you can combine them with contrasting colors to add some personality to your kitchen.


Exposed Brick:

An exposed brick kitchen backsplash is a popular choice among homeowners. It gives kitchens an earthy look while still allowing some modern elements to shine through. With exposed brick, you are able to create a space that is cozy while still being stylish.

Kitchen Backsplashes for Small Kitchens

If you are looking for a kitchen backsplash that will make your small kitchen look bigger, then there are a few different things that you can choose from. One of the best options is to use a backsplash tile that is bold and colorful.


A kitchen backsplash can be a great way to brighten up a small kitchen and make it look bigger. A bold and colorful tile backsplash, for example, can help create more visual space and ensure continuity with other design elements such a,s a kitchen island. You may also want to consider using a backsplash that is reflective or has a glossy finish, as this can help to bounce light around the room and make it look brighter.


Modern Kitchen Backsplashes For Large Kitchens

If you have a large kitchen, it is important to choose a backsplash tile to make it feel smaller and cosier. One of the best ways to do this is by using dark and warm colours. Darker colours will colorscreate a sense of intimacy and warmth, while warmer colours will colorscreate a sense of cohesion in the space. You may also want to consider using reflective materials or have a shiny finish, as this will help to reflect light into the room and make it look brighter.


What Old Kitchen Backsplash Trends Are Making A Comeback This Year?

You are trying to decide what old kitchen backsplash trends to use in your renovation? While the "kitchen backsplash of the year" changes each year, a few styles have always remained popular. The retro colors of the 1970s are making a comeback this year. Retro hues like brown retro stone tiles are a great way to incorporate nostalgia into your kitchen design.

Another old-kitchen favorite making a comeback is the subway backsplash tile - this simple, yet elegant style can bring personality and elegance to your kitchen. The white subway tile has made its way back in kitchens but is also being mixed with more modern colours to give it an updated look. If you want to bring a vintage twist to your kitchen design, consider vintage subway backsplash tiles.

The vintage mosaic kitchen backsplash trends are also making a comeback this year that will help to add some sparkle and personality to your kitchen design. From wearing grey and white to opting on for colorful mosaic designs, there are countless ways you can use this style in your kitchen renovation.


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