Opinion: Tactics a narcissist does use to manipulate people

Bella Smith

They will start by playing games

This is the way they take control of your emotions. They have to have what they want, when they want it or else they will blow a gasket. They can't control themselves and you will eventually figure that out. And since they can't control themselves, they will do the next best thing they will to control you.

But first they need to gain control so they'll start by love bombing you

They will do what they can to make you happy and to make you feel special. In the beginning of a relationship, it can seem like they are very loving and caring, however, this is a show for you and not something they actually feel. While you may think you are the center of their universe, you are only the person they want to use to make themselves feel better. They will convince you they are the one for you. They will listen intently to what you say you want and then they will mirror it back to you.

When they see that you are responding to their exploits and accepting what they sold you, that's when they change

They change the dynamics in the relationship by being distant, not as attentive and like they are not interested in you the way they were before, at least not really. They do this on purpose. When you go back and forth between being nice and then being an asshole, it creates a trauma bond. This is how they get you addicted to them.

Do you see now? They're in control. They manipulate you. They always have been and you don't even know it!

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