Opinion: Signs a Girl Is Into You From an Infj’s Eyes

Bella Smith

INFJs tend to hide their emotions. Here are some tips to help you figure them out.

Have you ever found yourself attracted to a certain girl but you’re not sure if she feels the same way? You see her at school or at work but you’re not really sure how to approach her. You’re afraid that if you do approach her, she’ll reject your feelings.

INFJ is a personality type that is most of the time misunderstood, mostly due to its rareness, but also due to the way it is portrayed by people who do not know or understand it. They are a little bit different than other personality types; they can be very hard to read.

INFJs are not ones who would show motives and intentions clearly and explicitly. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re interested in you or if they want to be more than friends. They would rather have things bottled up on their own and deal with the unnecessary feelings or emotions by themselves than have to appear vulnerable to anyone.

So, if you find yourself being interested in a female INFJ or if you kind of want to be more than friends but you’re not sure if they feel the same way, start watching for these signs. If the signs match her behavior, there is a good chance that she is interested and wants to be around you more than just a friend.

She Gives You Extra Attention

So what does it mean if you have a female INFJ in your life and she goes out of her way to talk to you, attend to your needs, or listen to rants? It means you’re one special person for her. The INFJ female is naturally sensitive and caring to other people’s feelings, but she does not show this to everyone; only to those she loves and cares for. And when she does these things for you, it’s a sign that she has a special feeling for you. Remember that the INFJ female is a rare personality type. She is not like the other girls out there. She is genuine in her feelings, and she’s not going to just wear a sweet smile on her face and act nice to someone just because. She’s going to do it only if she really cares for that person.

She Asks For Your Help

Asking someone for help is a sort of vulnerability for an INFJ. It requires you to trust another person enough to reveal a part of yourself you might otherwise hide.

An INFJ woman is a strong, independent individual. Their experience with vulnerability is different than most people’s. They’re often the last to ask for help. They’re not afraid to ask for help — they’re afraid of the judgment and rejection they anticipate they’ll get if they ask for help. Thus, they may not ask for help and may refuse help, even when it’s offered. But when they ask for help, they’re asking someone they trust to help them. If she thinks you trustworthy, it’s safe to assume she’s interested in you. They’re horrified of being perceived as weak. They’re afraid of being seen as “needy.” They want to be seen as strong, self-sufficient, and confident. Therefore, they attempt to do everything alone, and they do it brilliantly! They’re terrified of being judged or rejected, which is why they’re so desperate to do things on their own. When you find a female INFJ who has freely asked for your help or hand, it signifies you’ve already crossed the bridge and she trusts you enough to reveal to you a side of herself she doesn’t show everyone.

She Will Not Stop Asking You Questions

INFJs are known to be reserved. They are quiet and observant. They don’t talk about things unless they’re sure about it. They will try to understand the whole situation before they would even utter a word. They are not the kind of people who would just come out and ask you things. However, INFJs are also known to be deeply in love and they fall in love so deep that they can’t help but express how they feel. If an INFJ woman is into you, you should know that she will want to know everything there is to know about you. She will ask you questions and she will want to know all the things. She will want to know what you are like with your friends. She will ask about your family. She will even ask about your fears and your insecurities. She wants to know everything about you because she wants to know you better. She even wants to know the things you don’t want to share with the rest of the world.

She Will Make Eye Contact and Smile Without Hesitation

Female INFJs aren’t very difficult to please. To some extent, this is correct. However, she will make it easier for you by not hesitating in her actions. If she laughs at your jokes and looks you in the eye while doing so, she is plainly interested in you. Her ability to relax with you indicates that she has accepted the fact that you are a decent person with the potential to become more than friends. You’ve created an emotional connection experience with her when you see her genuine and smiling from the eyes down, and she doesn’t try to hide it in front of you.

She Does Not Reject Your Opinions

INFJs have a strong moral and value set. This makes them appear a little cold and insensitive. As a result, they constantly question everything. An INFJ is someone who can see things that no one else can, and they aren’t hesitant to point them out to you. They can be direct and oddly passive and aren’t generally disturbed by outside situations, so if they control their tongue and talk to you more reservedly, she’s plainly into you already!

She’s Particularly Polite to You

An INFJ cares, but not to the point of picking up someone’s notepad on the floor. She will undoubtedly return anything misplaced, but she will not go out of her way to be pleasant to a stranger or an acquaintance. She’s a keeper when she does things not only for you but also for your family and friends and treats them with care and affection. Sometimes she might be so caring that you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by it!

She’s Comfortable in Your Presence

A female INFJ, and possibly any INFJ, dislikes skin contact and being touched in any way. People invading their personal space or the lines they draw themselves irritates them. As a result, they always maintain a certain distance. An INFJ does not easily relax in social situations. They are exceedingly conscious of their behaviors, thoughts, and even feelings. But if you notice her not moving away from you, or if her arms or legs are barely touching yours, or if she’s trapped in a tiny space with you and she doesn’t budge or complain, it’s one of the most telling signs that she’s into you. You might even notice that she lingers a little too close to your body, giving you enough room to make the first move.

She Lets You See Her Creative Side

A female INFJ is one of, if not the most, honest types of girls of the 16 personality types. They love to express emotions but do so in very honest and sincere ways. They enjoy expressing themselves in their own unique way. Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself on the receiving end of this because you will not only receive sincere and pure responses from her, but you may also receive spontaneous gifts from her such as poems, letters, food, or other surprises. She would try to let her creative side make you happy because she is one herself.

When You Give Her a Compliment, She Flushes

INfJs are known for their ability to hide or contain their feelings. They are, nonetheless, highly expressive, particularly in their eyes. Girls would blush without their knowledge and make excuses for it, such as being hot or something less visible. You may notice her blush frequently since she is shy and guarded when it comes to expressing her deepest feelings and emotions toward you. When a female INFJ receives a compliment or a good gesture, especially from someone they care about, they become flustered. They’d be a little giddy, maybe even distracted, but they’d be nervous since they’re not used to having their hearts race.

She’s Fine With Spending the Entire Day With You

An INFJ despises wasting time. They are constantly looking for ways to keep themselves occupied and productive. Love is spelled T-I-M-E for an INFJ. They don’t care about your social standing, ego, or how you carry or dress. The things they are interested in are your personality and character. They’d be interested in you just for being yourself, and that’s what drew them in and makes them feel at ease with you. They enjoy spending time getting to know you better, having meaningful chats over coffee or tea, or simply being together and conversing.

INFJs are thought to live in a world of their own and are often seen as cold, distant, enigmatic, and humorless. They can also be suspicious of other people, and sometimes downright mean! They’re not like everyone else. They don’t have an urge to make new friends or get close to people. They can be cold, aloof, seemingly unfriendly, and have a hard time making eye contact or connecting with others. In fact, many INFJs feel social awkwardness and have a hard time making a connection with anyone. They need people to be around who are emotionally stable and willing to engage them.

The Takeaway

It is believed that an INFJ finds it more difficult to trust or be interested in others since they have established their own set of standards, which is difficult to match. But, plainly, if someone opens a window from the walls they've created for themselves and is a little more understanding than usual, the female INFJ may display some of the signals and may entertain the thought of you.

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