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From barbershop owner to Airbnb investor

Bella Rose

By: Bella Rose

Have you ever wanted to have a home away from home experience? Makeever Benders, a local Charlotte man, is making that possible by investing in local properties for Airbnb rentals. He has renovated Concord area properties to provide the perfect environment for his guests. Not only are these properties decked out with all the amenities you could want, but they are also designed to give visitors a true home away from home experience. I spoke with Mr. Benders and he discussed with me his new journey of becoming an Airbnb owner and investor.

Mr. Bender's very first listing has great ratings and reviews from his previous guest. View this amazing property on Airbnb. In the next few weeks, he will be adding to his collection of beautiful, cozy Airbnb rentals.
This cozy Airbnb is located in Kannapolis, NC.Photo byBy: Makeever Benders

These properties are far from ordinary, though - they're each beautifully decorated and well-equipped to make your next vacation memorable. With Makeever's help, anyone can have a true home away from home experience. Let’s take a look at how he is revolutionizing vacation rentals in the area.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Makeever Benders is no stranger to the world of business. He opened his first barbershop in the Charlotte area in 2013 and quickly established a successful clientele. However, 2020 presented itself with new opportunities to invest in local real estate. Although his barbershops (Boston's Finest) still remain open, he started looking for other ventures while giving him the flexibility to continue with his other businesses as well as volunteering and helping in the community.

As fate would have it, he stumbled across an opportunity that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit – investing in properties for Airbnb rentals. This allowed him to use his existing skills while learning new ones as well. For example, he learned how to remodel existing homes so that they’d be suitable for vacationers looking for a unique staycation experience.

It wasn't easy for him at first - there were many obstacles along the way such as navigating regulations, obtaining permits and licenses, dealing with contractors, etc., but he persevered and now his Airbnb rental business is thriving. His rental properties have become very popular amongst all the vacationers that come to stay in them.
This property has a spacious kitchen.Photo byBy: Makeever Benders

A True Home Away From Home Experience

Makeever recently stated, “When people travel, they want to come back feeling refreshed and relaxed.” "That’s why I focus on creating an inviting atmosphere where guests can really feel like part of their own home." His properties are equipped with comfortable bedrooms, living rooms, and workspaces. He truly wants his guests to have an unforgettable stay.

He goes beyond just providing the basics; he also takes time to decorate each property with unique pieces that bring out the character of each house. Makeever puts thought into every detail so that each property is as special as the last one. His attention to detail is truly inspiring!

The properties Makeever has transformed into vacation retreats range in size and location – perfect whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a longer family trip. Each property is thoughtfully designed with all the comforts of home – cozy furniture, fully stocked kitchens (with all utensils needed!), bathrooms with spa-like amenities, and plenty of space to relax and enjoy your time away from home. Best of all? All these features come at very reasonable prices!

Affordable Rates & Special Deals

Makeever understands that when it comes to vacationing, cost matters. That’s why he offers affordable rates for his Airbnb rentals. On top of that, he often has special deals and discounts available throughout the year so that everyone can enjoy a well-deserved getaway without breaking the bank.

Mr. Benders' success story proves that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the hard work and dedication necessary to achieve it. He went from owning barbershops to investing in real estate and creating amazing Airbnb experiences for travelers around the globe - all without losing sight of his goal of providing a true home away from home experience for his guests.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable stay in the Charlotte area, then look no further than Makeever Bender’s Airbnb rentals! With luxurious designs and features sure to make your stay comfortable and memorable, there's something for everyone here—and at an unbeatable price too. So if you're ready for your next getaway or just need an escape from your everyday life, book one of Makeever's Airbnb properties today! You won't regret it!

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