Make Your Old Laptop Feel New Again

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Feel like your favorite laptop is getting slower and looking outdated? Don’t rush to buy a new one just yet.

Laptops can run anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars, making them a huge investment that not everyone is ready for. Fortunately, there are several ways to make your old laptop feel new again without pouring all your savings into a brand-new device.

Clean your laptop

One of the easiest ways to have your laptop look new is to clean it thoroughly. All the dust, dirt, fingerprint smudges and years of wear and tear can make your laptop look dated, but a simple cleaning routine can make it shine again. Beyond good looks, cleaning your laptop has several other benefits.

A cleaner laptop runs smoother, faster and more efficiently, making it feel like you just got it from the store. This will make a big difference if you’ve been typing with keyboard crumbs for several months and if your device’s fans keep making loud noises every time you turn it on.

Declutter your files
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You may be wondering, “How will decluttering my laptop make it feel new?” It works.

If you have too many files and programs burdening your drive, it can reduce performance. Even the programs you don’t run often can continue to hog your laptop’s memory in the background, so you’re dealing with a slower device for a program you don’t even need!

This is fairly easy to fix. You can simply delete the programs you don’t use often or delete those unused files you swear you’ll take a look at, but never do. You can also download free or subscription programs like CC Cleaner, which will do this for you automatically. This will free up space for all the programs you do want to run regularly.

Delete those browser tabs

If you’re someone who hoards dozens (or even hundreds) of tabs, promising yourself all of them are too important to delete, that may be why your laptop is slowing down. Deleting those can make a difference in your device’s performance without you spending money to buy a new one.

Don’t feel like getting rid of your precious collection? Just move them elsewhere. Use an extension like Pocket or OneTab to store all your desired tabs in one place, so you are not hogging the browser’s memory while keeping so many sites open simultaneously.

Update your software and operating system
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Still using the old Windows or Mac version because you don’t remember to update it? Well, now’s the time. One of the best ways to get a “new” laptop without buying one is to update all the software and have the latest programs running.

Most updates are optional, but setting your laptop to auto-update whenever a new version of the software is released will make your life easier. This way, you won’t have to keep manually installing the latest version. It will be ready for you whenever the company sends it out.

Replace your battery

Hate having to charge your laptop every few hours? There may be an issue with your battery. Most lithium-ion batteries get worn down with use, reducing their performance. Having to get up every couple of hours to plug in the charger can get frustrating, but instead of throwing your laptop away, consider replacing the battery.

This is a much cheaper option than buying a new laptop just because the battery has gone bad.

Look for malware

Sometimes your laptop can run slower because of malware. If you download a lot of random files online and find your laptop getting unexpectedly slow, you may have malware or bloatware on your device.

Finding this has become easier today with multiple free and paid tools available online in addition to the built-in one Windows and Macs come with. You can perform a full system scan with any antivirus or antimalware software. Better yet, we recommend subscribing to a reputable antivirus program that will automatically scan your device at regular intervals and remove any problematic programs before any damage is done.

Upgrade the RAM or storage
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If you just want a faster speed, consider upgrading the RAM or from an HDD to SSD rather than buying a new device. Not all laptops support upgrades since parts are often soldered to the motherboard, but if yours does, it’s a great option. Again, this will be cheaper than buying a new laptop, while offering an instant performance boost to make your laptop feel like new.

With powerful RAM, you will see the biggest benefit in your ability to multitask. If you’re someone who needs to have multiple windows open at once, this will help you run various programs simultaneously, so you’re not sitting around waiting for things to load. The same goes for upgrading from an HDD to SSD. You’ll be able to load files and games faster and store more data.

Add decoration

Sometimes you just need variety to spice things up. If your laptop is working fine, but you’re tired of looking at the same screen and hardware daily, it’s time to jazz it up. There are various ways to do this.

To freshen up your screen, get new wallpapers. Find an inspiring quote or a calming picture that brings you joy and set it up on your screen, so it’s the first thing you see when you turn on your laptop.

You can also freshen up your hardware by buying a new laptop cover in cool covers. Want a smaller upgrade? Look for interesting stickers that can liven up your laptop without making it look too flamboyant.

These simple fixes, especially when done together, will make your laptop feel fresh again without having to buy a new device.

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