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Photo by Enoabasi Nta

The cool breeze that comes after a rain, the sound of music and laughter, colorful lights, people dancing without a care, people from all walks of life in one space, no segregation, food, and drink. Forever a part of my collection of memories.

Good day loves. Hope the weekend lived up to expectations? Mine was like butter on freshly made pancakes; they made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. The awesome part is that you get to join me in reliving this weekend. I loved this weekend so much that it has officially joined my top 5 awesome weekends on the list. But I don’t seem to know what number it is, I digress.

This weekend, I went home to Abuja to visit my family for the weekend and I had a great time reuniting with my sisters, my nieces and just staying in a quiet and fully functional city. What I have been trying to sort out in Lagos for up to a month was resolved in less than 30 minutes in Abuja and for the first time in a while, I questioned my decision to move from this calm city to the melting pot of West Africa.

While all of that was going on, I thought to share an experience I had some years ago with you seeing as most of the events have been shut down till further notice. The event in question is Afropolitan Vibes (AV) and this is all about it.

One Friday in the year a couple of years ago was the much-anticipated Afropolitan Vibes (AV) and it was the 40th edition. It came with the promise of mind-blowing performances and trust me when I say they delivered. From the Bantu crew with their energetic numbers to Maka with the captivating voice to Ycee the star of the night, they were all hits. Every single one and they had me that is normally introverted, moving my waist to the rhythm without a care in the world.

The only downside to this was that the rain was literally pouring down this night and I was soaked to my bone and just wanted to get warm. This might have contributed to me dancing nonstop as well. Almost like the ‘big guy’ left his sprinklers on at the highest pressure. Their social media team dd a great job as I had been tweeting at @afropolitanvibe all day and they kept responding and they did a successful job of getting and keeping me hyped. I said to my friend “I’m literally bursting with excitement”, this was after he asked why I was sounding normal (like I am not usually normal *smells feet*).

I know we waited for over an hour in the pouring rain and I was beginning to get damp spirits as well as an unplanned bath until I spotted one of the highlights of the evening, Ade Bantu in his glory, and had a quick fan girl moment.

Quick story, I have literally been stuck on him after seeing him during a talk show I attended sometime in June and that was when I first heard about AV in full detail. Summary, it happens every 3rd Friday of each quarter of the year at Muri Okunola Park from 8 pm – 11 pm and concludes with an after-party till whenever and it is solely music with African origins and guest artists also come to perform. The year I attended, Ycee, Maka, and Blackmagic were the highlights of the event apart from the Bantu crew that is. They performed so well I gave quite a show of my occasional jerking movements and was quite pleased with that (Eno 101; I cannot dance to save my life). Blackmagic did not show because he was stuck in traffic somewhere.

Photo by Enoabasi Nta

I did not get so many photos because, the last time I visited the park, to use my camera the security on the premises said I would have to pay N10,000 an equivalent of $27 but is 1/3 of the minimum wage in this country. The thought of dropping N10, 000 for photos with a camera did not sit so well with me. But I eventually whipped out my camera once I spotted a couple of freelancers around doing their thing.

Photo by Enoabasi Nta

Ade Bantu aka Pseudo baby daddy. The brain behind AV, frontman of the Bantu crew. Look at that smile!

By the time, the night was over, I was overwhelmed. And exhausted emotionally and physically, I also remembered I had a girl's weekend with my friend to celebrate her birthday, but I still headed to the site of the after-party and took a few shots before I hit the road.

The day ended on a beautiful note and I definitely see myself planning to attend the next edition of AV.

I hope this memory was enjoyed as much as I did bringing it back to life.

Till next time, Have a beautiful week ahead!

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