Why is it important NC educators get a raise now?

Becky Roehrs

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Two years ago, all state employees got a raise except teachers and staff working for public K-12 institutions, community colleges, and universities.

What bad timing!

With COVID's unfortunate arrival, teachers, faculty, and staff have converted thousands of lessons and activities to an online format.

Once students were learning remotely, often in record time, teachers had to switch gears and set up lesson plans and materials to teach face-to-face again.

Why didn't educators get their raises in 2019?

Governor Cooper wanted higher raises for teachers, so he vetoed the bill in 2019 that would have given teachers a raise and that would have given corporations more tax breaks.

  • Unfortunately, the legislature refused to negotiate, so educational workers were left out.
  • They received NO raises.

Why was this important?

  • With the increase in living and healthcare expenses, educators' salaries aren't even keeping up with inflation.
  • Unfortunately, North Carolina ranks poorly in investing in both educational salaries and student education.

What is the picture of North Carolina's educational "health"?

Teachers and faculty are struggling.

As someone who has worked at community colleges for over a decade, educational folks face multiple challenges.

Education is important!

Even if you don't have children, most people want educated families, neighbors, employees, and citizens.

Hopefully, the North Carolina legislature will recognize the value of investing in the education of its children and adults.

Let's start with less rhetoric and more money to fund our schools.

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