Has there been election fraud? In Nevada and North Carolina?

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The Los Angeles Times and Fox News recently reported that Kirk Hartle of Nevada was charged with voting more than once in the 2020 elections.

Who is Kirk Hartle?

After the 2020 elections, Kirk said someone had used his dead wife's ballot to vote.

Who figured out the election fraud occurred?

Instead of widespread election fraud, illegal voting was perpetuated by the one alleging the crime.

What happened in North Carolina?

In North Carolina, McCrae Dowless has been imprisoned for benefit fraud.

Dowless and his associates gathered absentee ballots, and according to the NC state elections director, evidence shows that:

"a coordinated, unlawful and substantially resourced absentee ballot scheme operated in the 2018 general election".

Instead of finding issues with voter fraud, the North Carolina election fraud revolved around the staff and election campaign for a Republican candidate.

How do people hear about voter fraud?

According to a recent poll by CBS News, most folks said they had heard of widespread voter fraud from Donald Trump or reports on the news.

Do most people want to make voting more difficult?

  • According to the CBS poll, less than one-third of Americans want to make voting harder.

What happened to the lawsuits alleging voter fraud?

Whether comprised of Republicans or Democrats, US state election officials and US courts found little voter fraud.

Instead, multiple lawsuits have been dismissed alleging election fraud.

FactCheck.org researched several claims of improper elections or fraud and did not find issues in the following cases:

California Recall, Arizona, Georgia, or Pennsylvania Elections

What are common voter fraud myths?

The Brennan Center for Justice has compiled a list of 10 Voter Fraud Lies Debunked. Here are a few of the claims and what they and other investigators found:

Despite claims to the contrary, the United States elections rarely involve voter fraud.

Both Republican and Democratic state election officials have investigated voter fraud claims thoroughly but have not found more than a handful of issues among millions of votes.

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