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White Women: Who Should We Be Afraid Of?

Becky Roehrs

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I've called the cops plenty of times.

I’ve been molested, slapped, punched, beaten, chased, attacked, and assaulted.

  • When I lived in a Raleigh apartment complex, I called the police when a man was screaming and beating on my neighbor’s doors and windows.
  • But I didn’t call the cops when a college acquaintance told me her husband beat her. She asked me not to tell.
  • I have called the cops about a man I knew who had molested kids. But there was no proof, so nothing was done.

I haven't called the police when friends have told me they were molested, attacked, or raped. They didn’t want anyone to know.

I haven’t called the cops on women who threaten or beat other women since the victims asked me not to.

When it’s late at night, and I see a white man approaching me, I cross the street. Why?

  • Nearly every man and woman who has attacked me, my friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, have been white men and women.
  • I’m afraid of some white men and some white women.

So white women: before calling the cops on men and women who are living-while-black, ask yourself, who has hurt you in the past?

  • Who is most likely to hurt you now?
  • And why in the heck aren’t you afraid of them? Or are you?
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What are the facts?

This isn’t just my experience.

According to the US Department of Justice, most violence committed against whites, are by other whites.

  • Despite the lies, the hysteria, the racist blather you’ve heard, that’s the facts.
  • According to the DOJ, the amount of white-on-black and black-on-white violence is about the same.

But it’s a popular myth on white supremacist sites, that blacks are killing whites.

And these websites call everyday accidents and crimes “hate crimes” against whites.

For decades, most violent crimes against whites, are committed by whites.

Who should a white woman be afraid of?

Face facts. There isn’t a boogie man waiting to get you.

Who is most likely to hurt you?

  • It’s your white partner, family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and strangers.
  • Even if you’ve been lucky, and no one has attacked you, the facts don’t lie.

Be wary of those who have the same skin color.

Otherwise, you could get hurt.

What if you make that call?

If you do call the cops on someone living-while-black, there can be consequences.

Several people have lost their jobs since it’s bad for business to call the cops on customers.

  • It’s bad press.
  • And you’re to blame.

Even if you don’t lose your job right away, you may later.

And some states are adding penalties if you fabricate and report a "crime" because of "racial bias".

What Can You Do Instead?

Walk away from a situation that makes you uncomfortable or frightened.

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