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Sydney Gottlieb, the chemist and mastermind behind MK Ultra, was born to Hungarian Jewish immigrants in the Bronx, New York.

Rejected by the military for a clubbed foot, Gottlieb pursued organic chemistry, starting his carreer with the Department of Agriculture. Later working for the FDA and National Research Council, where he pursued research on the measure of drugs in the human body and eventually hallucinogens.
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His career with the CIA started on July 13, 1951, embarking on his new position, in the first few years of the Cold War.

The CIA, looking to expand their research on the human mind, due to wartime propaganda. Believing Russian had already conquered mind control, making it a priority.

Hand selected to lead the charge, of one of the most infamous projects the US had ever sanctioned, Gottlieb, became the mind of MK ULTRA.

With extensive knowledge of poisons and an obsession with psychedelics, he concocted some of the most potent drugs, using them to break the human psyche and take control.
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Believing he could utilize the drugs "mind altering" components, to dismantle the mind, gather information and subsequently "control the mind", using LSD, Mescaline, heroin, psilocybin, and alcohol.

Combining the different drugs with electroshock, hypnosis and psychological torture to test his theory.

Some volunteered for these experiments, while most, had no idea they were part of them.

Many ending up with amnesia, pain, schizophrenic mental states and dissociation.

Leaving many discredited, when trying to share their experience, protecting the secrecy of the program and keeping Gottlieb invisible.
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He took pleasure in unwittingly dosing his colleagues, developing potent drugs of his own and signed off on the torture of hundreds of men, woman, and children.

It was said that they called him the "Black Sorcerer", his "tests" having no limit.

Using secret funding at universities, research centers and hospitals, his experiments were done on "expendables".

Terminally ill patients, drug addicts, prisoners and even children with schizophrenia. Resulting in some death and irreparable damages to the lives of countless others.

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It is theorized that; he may have even been responsible for the widespread use of LSD across America. Escalated by volunteers at universities, that led to "acid parties", that resulted in extensive use of LSD.

There are high profile volunteers, that participated in Gottlieb's experiments.

Robert Hunter; most well known as the singer of Grateful Dead, Ken Kasey; author of One flew over the Cukoo's Nest, and Allen Ginsberg; an American poet that often wrote of LSD's value.

Whitey Bulger, a Boston mobster, believes that he may have been used as a test subject. Volunteering in prison under the guise of finding a cure for schizophrenia.

It is also speculated the "Unibomber" Ted Kaczynski, as well as Charles Manson may have been part of the program.

Outside of his heinous acts, when home with his family, you would never have known he was a man, capable of such atrocities.

Living off grid with his wife and 4 children, without running water and raising goats, a flower child before the time.

"This guy had a license to kill. He was allowed to requisition human subjects across America and the world and subject them to any kind of abuse that he wanted, even up to the level of it being fatal, yet nobody looked over his shoulder."- Stephen Kinzer (author of Poisoner in Cheif)

For twenty years he ran MK Ultra in total secrecy. "He justified it all in the name of science and patriotism"- Stephen Kinzer

The wordmark of the Central Intelligence Agency, released as part of a 2021 rebrand.Photo byCentral Intelligence Agency

From 1953 to 1972, they committed crimes on humanity, without incident. Until 1972, when the director of the CIA, Richard Helms, was fired.

Leading Gottlieb and Helms to disposed of anything having to do with MK Ultra.

Gottlieb retired the following year and was given the " Distinguished Intelligence Medal", from the CIA.

An investigation, triggered by Watergate, dug up records, that they had apparently overlooked.

Between 1975-1977, he testified in exchange for immunity. Under the alias, Joseph Schneider, he admitted to destroying almost all of his work.

He died at the age of 80 in 1999, never to have been charged with any crime.

Conspiracy theorists say, that MK Ultra, is still being used to this day. Altering our subconscious minds, through television, music and news media.

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