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Pittsburgh uncovered...Giants, B-25's, and a Mayan blessing...the mystical secrets of our three rivers.

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With hundreds of ufo sightings and countless stories of hauntings, Pittsburgh is ranked, the most supernatural city, in Pennsylvania. Greatlakestakes.com reports, that according to a recent study, Pittsburgh, had the most reported ghost and ufo sightings.

So, it should come as no surprise, that our rivers, hold even more secrets, right? The marrying, of our rivers, may hold an incredible energy, and a spiritual power that, most of us, may not realize.

A confluence of rivers, like the Tigris, Euphrates, Pishon and Gihon, holding an energy of its very own.

River view of the Point, Pittsburgh Pa.Photo byColleen Chester

There are references, in the Mayan calendar, that points to a place on earth, where 3 rivers combine with a 4th river. They called it, the center of the universe.

Mayan scholars and spiritual leaders, including the Dalai lama, believe our rivers, to be that very place. Some calling, Pittsburgh, one of the most spiritual places on Earth.

Quiche Mayan High priest, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, has verified Pittsburgh's connection to the Mayan prophesy. Don Alejandro along with Mayan elder, Flordemayo, even blessed our rivers in 2007.

Does, the Point, hold some type of mystical power? A portal, to another place in time? Could the convergence of our rivers, hold some kind of magic?

The Point, Pittsburgh, Pa. between 1900 and 1915.Photo byDetroit Publishing Co.

Many, Native American legends, speak of Giants. The Delaware Indians (Leni Lenape), called them Tellegewi, "The Ancient Ones". They believed, the land in which the Tellegewi occupied, was special, and that the whole country, " drained by way, of the Ohio, under the name, Alligewinengk", meaning "the land in which they arrived from a distant place".

The Allegewi, war like giants, some as tall as 18 ft, part of, the Alleghan Indian tribe, lived on the banks of the Alleghany River, to which they gave their name. A powerful and sophisticated race of mound builders, who lived in walled villages, in the land that is now downtown Pittsburgh.

They were defeated and driven out of the Ohio valley, during the Leni Lenape/Mengwe war, that lasted 100-150 years. Some believing they survived, by mating with the Leni Lenape, producing the Adena type. Or in the giants of other native legends, such as the Nahoolo or Starnake people.

Hundreds, of skeletons, have been excavated, from these mounds, across the country. They range in height from 7 ft to18ft.

Are these giants, Nephilim (the sons, of God and daughters of men), that survived the flood? The men of renown, of the bible? Did they, travel through a portal, to settle on our rivers?

On January 31, 1956, the "Ghost Bomber", an American military plane, vanished into the icy Monongahela River.
All the crew on board survived the crash, but 2 members did not survive the cold, murky water. The plane however, slipped beneath the surface, never to be seen again.
Mitchell North American B-25CPhoto bySDASM Archives

The B-25, had remained above water until, the coast guard snagged its wing. Sending it to its icy grave. For 14 days they searched to no avail. Leaving the plane lost forever.
Some believe that the bomber was carrying classified cargo and was recovered by the military in secret. Some that the polluted water of the Mon corroded the bomber before it could be recovered.
Is that B-25 bomber, trapped in the silt at the bottom of the Mon? Did the military come in with the cover of night and retrieve their precious cargo? Or do our confluency of rivers, hold energetic powers, that made it vanish into space and time, like our very own Burmuda triangle?

The fountain, at the Point, Pittsburgh Pa.Photo byColleen Chester

We may never know! One thing that is for sure, Pittsburgh, is a very special place. Whether it's magical or just plain yinzer, it is a place of history, of beauty and of incredible charm!

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