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Things To Do In Adventurous, Ironwood, Mich.

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Have you found your up north?

You know? The place that brings you peace, fun and adventure all in one. That one place "up north" where you can spend your weekends at.

If you haven't found your place, or if you are looking to find your place; Ironwood, Michigan could just be your next favorite destination. Ironwood is home to the Upper Peninsula’s finest recreation and adventure, as there is so much to see and do here. This location has even been named one of the “9 Best Cross-Country Ski Destinations” in the World, and the “Top 10 Snowiest Destinations” in the United States. In this Northern Michigan town, you'll find secluded beaches, dramatic bluffs, and deep river gorges. Beyond that you'll find so much more including hiking the Porkies, or even just enjoying the small town atmosphere. Keep reading to see exactly all the fun things to see and do here in Ironwood, Michigan.

Arts & Culture

Ironwood is full of rich history, culture and arts. Ironwood has many theatre performances, visual art attractions, and historical displays to fulfill the need for any arts and culture lover. From Ironwood’s Cultural Centerpiece, the Historic Ironwood Theatre, to the Old Depot Museum and Ironwood Chamber, there is so much to immerse yourself in here in this town.


Michigna's Uppr Peninsula is graced by such an amazing body of water that everyone needs to experience. Lake Superior is the perfect place to take a swim in as this fresh water is crystal clear and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for something more than swimming, jump in a kayak or go boating to do some deep sea fishing for Lake Trout.


Ironwood is full of rugged terrain and smooth paths to bike year-round. The Upper Peninsula is the premier place to experience life on a bike as there are a massive amount of trail options including Copper Peak Bike Trails, which navigates down to the Black River then climbs 500+ vertical feet to the historic Copper Peak ski flying jump, which is the biggest ski jump in North America.


Along with the many bike trails, there are just as many hiking trails. One hike even combines the East and West River Trails for a scenic hike along the Presque Isle River, which runs through the Porcupine Mountains State Park. This Presque Isle River has strong currents and sections of rapids, as well as three main waterfalls to check out.

Disc Golfing

Disc Golfing isn't new in town but maybe something less heard of. Even so, it is a fun activity to do that includes amazing views. Mt. Zion Scienic Overlook Trails offers frisbee golf and this game can also be played at Norrie Park, Whitecap Mountain Ski Resort.

Cross-Country Skiing

When you think cross-country skiing, many may automatically think of Ironwood. Ironwood is the premier cross-country skiing destination with hundreds of miles of trails, hundreds of inches of snow, and a community that embraces winter like no other. Like I mentioned above, this location has even been named one of the “9 Best Cross-Country Ski Destinations” in the World, and the “Top 10 Snowiest Destinations” in the United States so you know it surely won't dissapoint.

Flat Tire Biking

Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails in Ironwood offers 24K of ski trails including several loops. There are 14K of marked snowshoe trails and 7K of snow bike trails. Lake Effect snow here provides the area with snow that tends to arrive earlier, pile deeper, and last longer than anywhere else in the midwest. The rolling terrain offers trails for all levels of skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking hiking, and trail running.

Health and Wellness

Yoga studios, fitness studios and spas can all be found here in Ironwood as well. If you need a break from the outdoors, there is plenty to do indoors as well. Here is the list of places to check out:

  • Higher Level Yoga Studios
  • NRG Fitness
  • U.P. Fitness
  • Mainstreet Fitness
  • Earth & Sky Day Spa

White Water Paddling

Ironwood is known around the world in the whitewater kayaking community.  Water flows through deep gorges, cutting through thick forests directly into Lake Superior. The most well known whitewater experiences are the Black River, Montreal River, and Presque Isle River.
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